As a child, summer days never last long enough, and here at the J, we feel the same way.

It’s a magical time here in our community and we look forward to it every year. Campers skipping back and forth between their day-to-day activities, laughter ringing through the lobby, beautiful art projects lining the hallways, and radiant sun-washed smiles after a day at the pool – that’s a J Denver summer.

At the JCC, we are all about adventure and fun and we make sure to echo that sentiment with our campers. We strive for every child to have the best summer ever, and with that, we encourage students to try new things and expand their sense of wonder. Our summer programming allows campers to work outside of their comfort zone to accomplish things they may have only dreamed of. We call it our ‘Summer Bucket List,’ a list of goals and activities that can be fulfilled during their 2018 summer.

Summers are for dreamers, fun-seekers, and go-getters. We support all children along with their aspirations and goals. A summer spent with the J will insure all campers return to school with a completed list of accomplishments and, in turn, increased self-esteem and direction. So, what are you waiting for? get a jump-start on your summer bucket list and register for camp today!