Camp Shai is more than just a summer camp.

We are more than just a summer camp. We are a vibrant community, made up of campers, families, and staff, driven by the same desire—to give kids a fun and safe place to explore, imagine, and belong. Camp Shai provides engaging activities for our campers that spark their imagination and inspire them to celebrate their individuality. Our campers develop lifelong friendships during the day and leave camp every night with a new song to sing and an exciting story to tell.

The Camp Shai Difference

We are not your average Day Camp… In fact, we have a number of things that make us US:

  • Our Counselors are the BEST because we only hire the BEST. All of our counselors go through a rigorous interview process, demonstrate great interest in working with children, and participate in an intensive staff training to ensure they’re not only on their “A game” at all times, but most importantly that they’re invested in each camper’s health, safety, and well-being.
  • We offer small ratios of counselors to staff. While the state requires a 1:15 counselor to camper ratio, we believe that smaller ratios allow our counselors to provide the best camper care possible. We think it is so important that we guarantee a 1:8 ratio – and often provide even smaller ratios than that.
  • We focus on social-emotional growth. Because we know how important social emotional growth is to helping students manage their emotions, be thoughtful in their actions and with their words, and leads to greater happiness later in life, this a priority across all activities and group games.
  • We are inclusive. We welcome campers of all faiths, backgrounds, and abilities. To support campers with developmental disabilities including cognitive, social/emotional, psychological, physical and behavioral needs, we offer inclusion services, supervised by a Behavioral Health Specialist and Social Worker, so that ALL campers are welcome and able to participate at Camp Shai.
  • We are anchored in universal Jewish values, or middot, such as kindness, respect, community, and good sportsmanship/good attitude. Though we welcome everyone, regardless of faith, we have a community Shabbat ceremony at the end of each week, explore Israeli Culture programming, and any food/snacks we serve carries the kosher supervision symbol.
  • We offer high-level activities. Our specialists are highly trained, talented individuals who craft their activities to be age-appropriate and memorable. For Shai Sports and Full-Day Specialty Camps, we partner with the best vendors in town to make sure our programs are top-notch and focused around skill-development.