Help Us Help the School!

What a year! This has been a challenging year with lots of change in our wonderful Early Learning School.

After listening to feedback from parents, teachers and administration, we’ve changed our fundraising goal for this year’s auction fundraiser.

This year, we’ll be raising funds for some things our school could really use, and our kids can enjoy:

Teacher Support

We love our teachers. We want them to feel supported by the parents and the community (and to stick around!) We are in the process of polling the teachers to find out what they really want and need, and we want to make sure the Parent Association has the funds to help when needed.

New Tumble Equipment

We are hoping to raise $13,000 to replace the current equipment, as well as build a storage unit to keep the new stuff nice! The old equipment will be used for outside events – this new stuff will be exclusively for the School and Family Programs Department!

Our fundraising goal for this year’s event is $18,000. It’s lofty, we know. But our school and our teachers could really use it.

We have some great auction items, better food, an awesome 80s theme, dance floor and lots more. So get those scrunchies and leg warmers out of storage, and let’s raise some cash!



Dates & Times

Sorry, there are no upcoming dates for this event.