Inspiring Discovery. Cultivating Compassion.

Here in the Early Learning School at the JCC Denver, we believe in each and every child’s ability to learn, grow, and develop within a positive environment. Our youngest generation sparks creativity and imagination for each and every member of our community–they teach us to respect one another and to take pleasure in the little things.

By attending the ELS, all children will receive specialized attention and tools to enhance their educational journey. We take pride in treating each and every student as their own unique person and we work to foster an educational environment where children are free to be themselves and learn valuable lessons such as compassion, curiosity, and innovation. Children will learn to respect one another, as well as themselves, during their time at the ELS.

What makes the Early Learning School different?

Our Ratios

The ELS is proud to have low ratios that allow each child to receive the best education possible. We believe that by keeping our ratios low, children are provided with the attention and care they need as they grow and experience the world around them.


Whether or not your family is Jewish, all children will benefit from the Judaic values we weave into our classroom lessons. Our Judaic values highlight the importance of kindness, selflessness, bravery, courage, and perseverance. Children will learn about the Jewish culture and take part in fun, festive Jewish traditions, such as Purim and Hanukkah! There’s room for everyone here at the ELS, and we support and nurture families of all religious backgrounds and faiths.

Swim lessons

The purpose of our swimming lessons is to give children an opportunity to get used to the water through play and positive experiences. We feel that it’s important to teach children water safety at a young age in order to foster a strong sense of awareness and confidence. Unlike traditional daycare, your child will be able to learn, as well as benefit, from the “community center” aspect of our program. They’ll be swimming like a fish before you know it!

The Catch Program

We believe it’s important to keep your child active and healthy as they grow and develop. We’re here to channel their rambunctious energy in a positive way that allows them to excel in other areas of their schooling. Our “Catch” program acts as an athletic outlet for our students so they can interact and play with their peers, all while encouraging an active lifestyle at a young age.


We find that our students love to sing, dance, and play musical instruments–so why not encourage them? We offer various opportunities for your child to tap into their musical side. Whether it be music lessons or Shabbat Sing on Fridays, we make sure that your child’s creative needs are taken care of.

Sound like a great fit for you and your family? Perfect! We look forward to meeting you soon.