Q: How will Pod Camp (In-Person Camp) registrations work this summer?

We are continually following CDC, American Camping Association, and Colorado Department of Health and Human Services guidelines and updating Camp Shai operations as this information is available. Camp Shai’s ability to open this summer depends on the coming guidelines to be issued by Governor Polis surrounding the operations of summer camp.

Upon being permitted to operate this summer, camper registration will be as follows:

Round 1: Campers of essential workers who depend on camp for childcare to work who had already enrolled in Camp Shai (age-eligible siblings are included) for this summer.

Round 2: Campers who were signed up for 4 or more weeks of Camp Shai (age-eligible siblings are included).

Q: Why the increased price compared to the initial offerings for summer 2020?

Due to additional cleaning requirements, there has been in increase in Camp Shai’s cost of cleaning supplies and hours to conduct the cleaning. We have also created a Staff Emergency Fund for summer staff who are seasonal and do not receive sick pay under normal circumstances. This is to compensate them if they are under the weather and encourage them to stay home as needed.

Q: What is the JCC Summer Camps 2020 Refund Policy? 

Activity Limitations: Inclement weather during the session can require that some activity periods are cancelled. We will reschedule as much as we are able. Credits or refunds will not be issued for cancellations due to inclement weather or other situations or circumstances that are out of the control of the Program Provider, including but not limited to acts of God, war, government regulations, disaster, epidemic, disease (including COVID-19), strikes, civil disorder, curtailment of transportation facilities, unavailability of utilities, or other emergencies that would make it inadvisable, illegal, or impossible to provide the Premises or to provide the services. It is up to the Program Provider, in their sole discretion to make such decisions based on the safety and security of the Participants during these times.

Q: What can we expect with programming?

You can expect group activities to include a variety of programs including Art, STEM, Music, Sports, TEVA (nature) and Movement. We will use a blended approach to activities some on Zoom facilitated by a Specialist and some in-person facilitated by the counselors. In either case, counselors will always be in the room to support campers and help them participate along the way.

Q: Will my camper go swimming this summer?

It’s our goal to get your camper in the water this summer for free swim. We are looking to the CDC’s guidelines around swimming this summer due to COVID to make this determination. At this time, we are unable to confirm if we’ll be able to take campers swimming. If we are able to do so, you will be notified in your camper’s weekly schedule so you know to pack a suit. We will have the same safety precautions in place with campers in the shallow end, swim tests to go in deep water, and counselors swimming/monitoring campers in the water. If we are unable to take them swimming, we will have lots of fun water games activities.

Q: With the changes from COVID-19, what should I send my camper to camp with each day?

Please make sure to pack… Camp Shai will no longer be providing snack to campers. Please plan on sending your child with enough food for AM Snack, Lunch, and PM Snack. In addition, Camp Shai will no longer be providing sunscreen. Please send your child with sunscreen for outdoor times labeled with their name and Pod. We will keep that bottle of sunscreen in the classroom for the session to ensure it is always available to your camper. It will also help our staff if you can teach your child to apply their own sunscreen ahead of the summer.

Q: Why are siblings paired together?

Siblings are paired together as they are already sharing space at home. The idea with pod-based programming is to limit the amount of potential contact between unrelated campers. Our specialists will create programming that is adaptable to different ages and developmental abilities and the counselors of any given pod will make sure everyone is engaged at an age-appropriate and fun level!

Q: What does a daily health screen look like?

Each pod will have an assigned drop-off and pick-up timeslot and location. Before the camper exits the vehicle, a Camp Shai staff member will ask both parent and camper(s) a series of questions. Once the camper has exited the vehicle, the staff will conduct a visual assessment and take the camper’s temperature.

Q: Will my child be able to go outside?

Absolutely! Being outside in the open air is an important part of summer AND open air happens to be better for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Camp Shai will ensure that campers are spending time outside in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Q: Will Camp Shai be using playgrounds this summer?

Camp Shai is fortunate to have access to a private playground. Campers will be permitted to use the playground by pod and in strict rotation. Camp Shai staff will disinfect the playground between each pod use with adequate rest time between groups.

Q: What precautions is Camp Shai taking to limit the spread of COVID-19 amongst campers?

Beyond increased cleaning and sanitizing, Campers will be expected to partake in additional handwashing, wear facemasks, and exercise social distancing practices as much as possible, even within pods. Additional information and expectations will be outlined in the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Agreement and Liability Waiver within the required camper forms.

Q: How will I get all the materials I need for Virtual Camp Shai?

Activity kits will be prepared for your camper depending on the Specialty track they selected. The kits will be available for curbside pickup at the JCC on the Friday before the Specialty week is set to begin.

Q: What is the age requirement for the 2020 Camp Shai summer programs?

To be eligible to attend Camp Shai, to comply with Colorado state licensing, campers must be eligible to attend Kindergarten in the fall.