Dear WTA Parents & Students,

The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically affected all our lives. It has played out like an over-the-top thriller without the usual return to normalcy that would follow being caught up in a fantastical storyline. The theatre industry has been hit particularly hard since our jobs are traditionally focused on gathering large groups of people in a live setting to offer enlightenment and entertainment in celebration of the uniqueness of the human experience.

All of us here at the JCC/Mizel Center Wolf Theatre Academy have been eagerly awaiting the return of our beloved student artists so that we might continue our work to provide the highest quality dramatic instruction in the region.  As we have worked diligently to re-envision our theatre programs, our primary goal has been to provide offerings that place an emphasis on student and staff health and safety based on the strictest CDC recommended and local COVID-19 health guidelines.

The 2020 Wolf Theatre Academy summer will be comprised of three sessions – each two weeks long – offering specialized, intensive-style performing arts classes in “class pods” of 10 students or less.  Classes have been priced to accommodate new safety and maintenance protocols as well as to keep our student/teacher ratio much lower than normal (10 or less).  Note that most classes will culminate in a performance which will be video recorded for parents and students to enjoy at home.  There will be no live audience for any performances.  We hope parents and students will be patient as we all work to perfect this “new normal”.

Class content is divided into several categories.  First, we have added an Introduction to Theatre class for younger students, grades 3-6.  These classes are designed to maximize a fun interactive environment and include games and basic theatre activities.  To accommodate our musical theatre students, we will offer several Musical Theatre workshops designed to improve musical theatre skills ending in a performance of numbers worked on during the class.  For our non-musical performers, or those wishing to work on their acting skills, we will offer three performance classes featuring a variety of plays – Greater Tuna, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, TBA Play. Rounding out the summer, we will offer several improvisation classes, a technical theatre class (working on the Midsummer production) and a Dance workshop.  In addition, due to new class limits and a desire to innovate with the times, we will offer several virtual theatre workshops with students working from home on a “virtual performance” that will be streamed or recorded for friends and family. Where play titles have yet to be selected, it is our hope to evaluate class level and size and make the best choice to maximize educational value for all.

Across all JCC camps, we will be taking the temperature of everyone entering the facility before they are admitted into the building. Any student with a fever will not be allowed to attend classes. If a student is found to have a fever while at camp, or has attended camp after coming into contact with someone that has tested positive for coronavirus – the full campus facility in which that student was attending will be shut down for 48 hours for deep sanitization and disinfecting procedures.

We will continue to make health and safety our top priority. All students and staff members will be required to wear a facemask at all times and all classes will adhere to CDC recommended social distancing guidelines. While the dramatic arts are generally an interactive art form, we will be working creatively to maintain adequate and safe distance wherever possible. Each class will be restricted to their individual class space, where they will remain throughout the full day, including lunch time. Every evening, each space will be fully disinfected by the JCC/Mizel Center Staff and housekeeping staff. The only shared spaces will be the restrooms, whose use will be restricted to two classes of students and will be stocked with adequate hand sanitizers to use before and after using the shared facilities. These restrooms will also be fully sanitized at the end of each day.

We know this tumultuous time has been challenging for everyone. We look forward to this unique opportunity to provide a deeper and more individualized theatre experience for each student before returning to our live performances next summer.

Warmest Regards,
Steve Wilson
Director, Wolf Theatre Academy

Please let us know what you intend to do with your current 2020 registration funds by filling out the financial intent form.

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