The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically affected all our lives. It has played out like an over-the-top thriller without the usual return to normalcy that would follow being caught up in a fantastical storyline. The theatre industry has been hit particularly hard since these jobs are traditionally focused on gathering large groups of people in a live setting to offer enlightenment and entertainment in celebration of the uniqueness of the human experience. If we have learned nothing else during this unsettling time, we have learned that we must continually adapt to the slings and arrows of change and uncertainty.

Following an attempt to offer some in-person theatre classes, it has been decided that the 2020 Wolf Theatre Academy summer will be comprised of ALL VIRTUAL CLASSES. These classes will take place in the comfort and safety of student homes over the video conferencing platform Zoom. Many of our virtual theatre workshops will include students working together on a single play culminating in a “virtual performance” which will be recorded for friends and family to enjoy. We will offer two specialized musical theatre classes, one focusing on singing and auditioning and another on dance. Our younger students will be able to take a break from world events as they travel to Hogwarts to explore three Harry Potter stories. Older acting students will be able to polish advanced skills as they take on Shakespeare in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and American drama in Our Town.

We are deeply grateful to all parents and students who have been patient as we have navigated this ever-changing situation. We look forward to this unique opportunity to provide a deeper and more individualized theatre experience for each student before returning to our live in-person program next summer.

Warmest Regards,
Steve Wilson
Director, Wolf Theatre Academy

Please let us know what you intend to do with your current 2020 registration funds by filling out the financial intent form.

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