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So, you want to be a counselor-in-training?

March 02, 2020 | Posted in: Family

Do you have a camper who’s a rising ninth or tenth grader?

Not sure how to make the most your time this summer? Want an experience that’s sure to change to your life for the better? Look no further than our Camp Shai CIT (Counselor-in-Training) & Leadership Development Program! We spoke with Jenna Yoches, the former Counselor-in-Training Program Manager, who was more than happy to share the stellar experience she had heading this unique, one-of-a-kind program. Read Jenna’s response below!

“My name is Jenna Yoches and I was the Counselor-in-Training (CIT) Program Manager for the 2019 summer! I have been with Camp Shai in various roles including as a Social Work Intern, Inclusion Counselor, and as the CIT Program Manager and trainer. As the Social Work Intern for Camp Shai I worked behind the scenes with staff and I was able to see how much work, time and commitment goes in to making Camp Shai great! As an intern, I was able to create lesson plans, coordinate events and help build the CIT program! I additionally worked close with Camp Shai’s Inclusion Program to help create care plans to assist Campers with identified needs in having the best summer possible.”

“As the CIT Program Manager and trainer, I was able to create and deliver the curriculum to help train future camp counselors. I believe Camp Shai’s CIT is a fantastic-interactive  program that helps teens learn and develop their skills related to being a camp counselor, a leader and child care worker. The fun and extensive two- week course allows rising 9th graders the chance to develop their resume and learn leadership/mentoring skills, while still enjoying a fun summer camp experience. CIT’s walk away from the summer with an understanding of child development, problem solving techniques, enhanced communication, developed leadership skills, mentoring skills, CPR/First Aid certification, and more!”

Surely this is too good to be true, right? But wait, there’s more…

“In addition to learning skills, CIT’s also work hands on with camp counselors and children. As the CIT Program Manager, it was truly great to watch the CIT’s develop their skills and find their identity as a camp counselor. One of my favorite memories from the 2019 summer, was watching the CIT’s engage with the campers during a game of Sponge DodgeBall. It was so much to watch the CIT’s use their skills and knowledge to build relationships with the campers, have fun, and cool off on a hot summer day! I know from experience that being a Camp Counselor that Camp Shai is fun and rewarding, it was truly amazing to help share the fun by training CIT’s and watch them grow during the two week program!”

Thank you so much, Jenna, for sharing your awesome CIT experience with us!

Interested in learning more? Click here to read up on this special program, and if it seems like the right fit for you/your camper, be sure to register ASAP before all the spots fill.

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CIT Program (Counselor in Training)

December 19, 2017 | Posted in:

Learn what it takes to be a great camp counselor!

Grade 9

The Camp Shai CIT & Leadership Development program is designed for rising 9th graders who have an interest in developing leadership skills and learning what it takes to be a great camp counselor (or childcare provider). Plus, we’ll have a ton of fun in the process… because it’s camp, right?!

Week 1: June 17 – 21 | July 15 – 19

CITs will participate in a hands-on training about working with children, including how to facilitate games and activities, ages and stages of child development, and program planning. We will also focus on customer service, professionalism, and how to be a team leader. CIT’s will have the option of taking a CPR/First Aid training.

Week 2: June 24 – 28 | July 22 – 26

This week, CITs will be assigned to a group of campers where they will practice what they learned the week before and be responsible for facilitating activities and overseeing camper care. CITs will also meet each day to reflect on the day, what worked and didn’t work, and problem solve as a group. And, after a lot of fun in the sun, the week will culminate in a big group celebration, Camp Shai-style!

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