A selection of short films featuring: Ave Maria, Wig Shop, Hounds, The Chop,  and An Average Story . When things go wrong, these characters must confront their misfortunes.

About Ave Maria (this film has been replaced by Siberia)

About Wig Shop

Wig Shop is a dark comedy centered on an Orthodox Jewish woman who, over the course of getting her wigs styled, discovers that her African American hairdresser might be her husband’s lover.  Based on the personal experiences of producer Jessica Neuman, the short explores a particular stretch of Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles where people from varied backgrounds co-exist, mingle and, sometimes, intertwine. – Tribeca Film Institute.

Film Accolades
  • Denver Premiere
About the film
  • Director: Kat Coiro
  • 2016/USA/16 minutes
  • Narrative, Women, American Jewry
  • English, Russian, Yiddish with English Subtitles

About Hounds

After 16 years as a thankless museum guard, Iris Kadosh is finally offered a promotion. A careless mistake with a priceless artwork, however, forces her to decide how far she is willing to go to secure her rise up the social ladder.

The tragi-comic dynamics within the museum’s ensemble of crude and colorful employees creates an opera of marginal characters, searching for the tiniest shred of respect from the world.

This renowned short film has screened at dozens of film festivals worldwide, and, among other laurels, was named Best Comedy at Aspen Shortfest.

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Film Accolades
  • Denver Premiere
  • Part of our Discover Israel series
About the film
  • Director: Omer Tobi
  • 2015/Israel/30 minutes
  • Drama, Comedy, Art, Israeli Society, Women
  • Hebrew with English subtitles

About The Chop

A talented but out of work Kosher butcher gets a job at a Halal shop.

The Chop tells the story of Yossi, a charismatic kosher butcher, who finds himself in a moment of crisis upon losing his job. After ringing round numerous other kosher butchers to no avail, he takes the unusual decision to work in a halal butcher. However to do so, he must use all his guile and charisma to hide his true identity.

It is a story that aims to explore the relationship between Jewish and Muslim culture in modern London life, incorporating ‘fish out of water’ humor with moments of laugh-out-loud slapstick.

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About the film
  • Director: Lewis Rose
  • 2015/U.K./17 minutes
  • Narrative, Comedy, Global Jewry, Jewish-Arab Relations
  • Arabic, English with English Subtitles

About An Average Story

Avi Cohen has just been informed that he is the most average man who ever lived. Overnight, he reluctantly becomes a national icon and instant celebrity. With his wife’s enthusiastic urging, they translate the situation into a business venture that goes surprisingly awry.

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Film Accolades
  • Rocky Mountain Premiere
  • Part of our Discover Israel series
About the film
  • Director: Yaniv Segalovich
  • 2016/Israel/18 minutes
  • Narrative, Satire, Israeli Society
  • Hebrew with English Subtitles

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