Growing old means something different to everyone.

For some, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the many great things that life has presented up to this point. For others, it’s a time to ponder what could have been. No matter your mindset, we all have the concept of “looking back” in common. At the JCC Denver, we believe this phase in your life isn’t only about looking back, it’s also about looking forward—to the many adventures that are yet to come, to what still is unknown, and to the amazing possibilities. There’s no better way to look forward than with friends and community by your side.

It is for that reason that all of the Older Adult and Intergenerational programming offerings are developed with the single goal in mind—to create a comfortable and purposeful environment where adults can connect, learn, and pass along valuable life lessons, all with people in similar states in life.

We think that growing older is an opportunity to learn or try something new and to share your wisdom with generations both young and old. Our diverse program offerings, designed by our very own adult members, range from learning how to use a new mobile device from a professional in the tech world to receiving tips and best practices on how to maintain a long and healthy lifestyle from a licensed consultant.