Camp Shai Summer 2020 Cabin

Space Available for New Students Starting October 5 or 21!*

Camp Shai is bringing you Shai Learning Labs – The Learning Labs will provide small-group support for children Grades K–5 while they are in virtual learning through their school, including tutoring, homework help, and tech support. When children are not participating in virtual learning, their days will be full of the games, enrichment activities, and the Camp Shai fun you love. The perfect blend of study and play as the school year goes on virtually. 

*Space is available for Grades K – 1 starting October 5. Space is available for Grades 2 – 5 starting October 21.

What Does a Day Look Like?

Shai Learning Labs will operate Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 3:30 pm. A day at Shai Learning Labs is a day of virtual learning in a safe and supportive environment for your child(ren). Our Shai Learning Labs instructors work to make sure that your student stays on schedule and on task. When there are individual breaks from learning, Instructors provide organized free time activities and group projects. When students have group free time, organized group games are facilitated making sure to get students outside as much as possible. Students are able to stay on top of their virtual learning and have a safe environment in to spend time with peers.

Academic Expectations

The Shai Learning Labs program serves primarily as a space for Students to complete their remote learning in a supervised, focused, and safe environment. Students will be expected to fully participate in their own remote learning. Our Learning Labs Academic Support Instructors are college educated and many have years of experience in education. They will do their absolute best to assist students in academics and technology, however, each student’s primary teacher is their school-assigned teacher. It will be the parent’s responsibility to communicate between the student’s school and Shai staff should there be any need such as coordinating additional supports, parent meetings, or conferences.   

Holidays and Other Dates

September 28: Yom Kippur, no instruction
October 16 – 20: DPS Conferences and Fall Break, care provided but no virtual learning
November 23 – 27: Thanksgiving Break, no instruction
December 18: Last day of Fall Semester Learning Labs 

Holiday schedule based on the Jewish Holidays and current DPS Calendar.

Fall 2020 Schedule

October 21 – December 18
8:00 am – 3:30 pm, Monday – Friday

$2,480 or $310 weekly. Will be charged weekly fee if child starts on different date.

  • Families will be billed in equal payments of $1240 monthly on the 20th of each month with the first payment being processed on August 20. Example: November will be billed on October 20, etc).
  • One-time materials fee of $100 and non-refundable deposit of $500 will be charged per child upon registration.
  • Non-refundable deposit of $500 will be applied to final tuition payment.

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Cancellation & Refund Policy


In the event that you wish to withdraw your child from Shai Learning Labs after the start of the semester, you will be required to give 30 days’ notice to the administration. You will be responsible for completing payment through those 30 days. The $100 materials fee is not-refundable in the event of cancellation. 

Currently Denver Public Schools is planning on re-opening in person classrooms after October 16. In the event that your student is enrolled in Shai Learning Labs and will return to in-person instruction, you must inform the administration of Shai Learning Labs by 5:00 pm September 16 in order to avoid additional cost. If this timeline changes, and DPS gives less notice than 30 days for the start of in-person learning, a new deadline for families to decide if they want to remain in Learning Labs without additional financial penalty will be determined.


Credits or refunds will not be issued for cancellations due to inclement weather or other situations or circumstances that are out of the control of the Program Provider, including but not limited to acts of G-d, war, government regulations, disaster, epidemic, disease (including COVID-19), strikes, civil disorder, curtailment of transportation facilities, unavailability of utilities, or other emergencies that would make it inadvisable, illegal, or impossible to provide the Premises or to provide the services. It is up to the Program Provider, in their sole discretion to make such decisions based on the safety and security of the Participants during these times. 

COVID-19 Precautions

As required by Colorado Department of Health and Human services, Shai Learning Labs will be taking additional measures to protect the health and wellness of our students, staff, and families. These will include social distancing, daily screenings of campers and families, regular hand washing, consistent face mask wearing by all staff and campers, and increased routine cleaning. In order to mitigate additional risk due to COVID-19, Shai Learning Labs will not be providing snack to campers with the exception of challah and grapes on Fridays.    


Students will be given their own assigned space to login to their Virtual Learning and work independently in their virtual classroom. In the event they are experiencing issues with their technology, need some help with an academic concept, or need a real live adult to keep them focused, our Remote Learning Instructors will be in the room to attend to their students’ needs.  

Each Learning Lab will have two assigned staff and at all times will maintain a minimum of a 1:8 staff to student ratio. 

Students will be accompanied by a parent to a health screening area. Each student and parent will be asked a series of health screening questions and temperatures will be taken. Once the screen is complete, students will leave their parent and head to their learning lab.

Students will be required to bring their own technology to participate in their virtual learning (iPad, Laptop, Chromebook, etc.), headphones, AM and PM snacks, lunch, and other necessary equipment as required by their virtual instruction. Shai Learning Lab materials cover the cost of the following for each student to keep: tabletop study carrelpencils, pens, markers, pencil box, and lined paper.  

Beyond increased cleaning and sanitizing, Students will be expected to partake in additional hand washing, wear face masks, and exercise social distancing practices as much as possible. Additional information is listed above, on this website page and expectations will be outlined in the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Agreement and Liability Waiver within the required camper forms.

Our outbreak policy is aligned with the most recent Colorado Department of Public and Environment guidelines for childcare centers. All confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 are reported to CDPHE and they provide guidance on the extent of closure required. At minimum, with a confirmed or suspected case among students or staff, Shai Learning Labs will close for a full 24 hours.

No. Due to the nature of the children’s schedules and the unpredictable weather, swimming will not be a part of the Shai Learning Labs activities.