A pie to the face. A matzah-eating contest. No-hands makeup challenge. This is what a 24-hour Charidy campaign looks like at the J Denver.

On May 15 at 2:00 pm, we kick-started a 24-hour campaign to raise $40,000 for Camp Shai scholarships. Were we successful? HECK. YES. In five hours, we reached our goal of $40,000 and by 2:00 pm on May 16, we had officially raised $49,437 towards scholarships. Is this anything short of a miracle? Rhetorical question, obviously.

188 donors, including several of our own staff members, contributed to this cause in order to help children who would otherwise be unable to attend Camp Shai. Here at the J, we understand that camp is a necessity for most families during the summer, and for that reason, we wanted to make sure it’s affordable for everyone.

How exactly did we raise so much so quickly? Well, first off, our Camp Shai and Development teams here at the J are simply out-of-this-world (that goes without saying). However, we were lucky to have three outside sponsors who agreed to match each donation, meaning a $20 donation ended up being $80––pretty cool, huh?