September 12, 2021
6:00 – 9:00 pm


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Robert E. Loup Hineni Award

Jerry Glick is the Managing Partner of Columbia Group LLLP, a Denver-based investment company. Columbia Group has developed a number of buildings in Lower Downtown Denver as adaptive re-use projects. Columbia Group is affiliated with Urban Ventures LLC, a developer of urban multi-family projects, student housing, and other residential housing.

Jerry serves on the Investment Committee at Rose Community Foundation and is the chair of the nonprofit subsidiary that holds the investment in the JCC at The Rose Community Foundation. In June of 2018, the leadership at Rose Community Foundation, including Jerry and a coalition of forward thinking donors made the historical decision to enable the J to operate debt-free while making necessary infrastructure improvements and increasing vital programs and services the community relied so heavily upon.

Jerry’s connection to the J began with his affiliation to The Rose Community Foundation. “Rose has always supported the J through grants, and as I understood the role that the J plays in our community, I became interested in making sure that the J survived, thus leading to the transaction between Rose, the very generous donors, and the J. The more I understood about the various programs offered by the J, the more I was encouraged to help it succeed and prosper. Denver has always had a significant influx of new people; singles, marrieds and families, and many of them do not have any connection to Denver other than a new job. The J is a gathering place for the Jewish community. The J is a way to find childcare, a workout facility, entertainment, and more, thus making connections to the Denver Jewish community. However, just as importantly, it is secular. The J provides all of those services to our whole community, and connects those of different faiths. In these times when we are so divided, having a place like the J to connect is crucial”.

We are proud to be honoring such a remarkable man, one who has played such an instrumental role in ensuring the JCC is here for generations to come.


Gerald S. Gray Service & Leadership Award

2020 was a trying year for us all, especially for an organization focused on community gathering. It forced us to change how we communicate, challenged us to rethink what the word ‘gather’ means, and tested our will to continue providing services when we couldn’t connect in-person. At the end of it all, we not only passed every new obstacle that presented itself, but came out on the other end of the pandemic stronger and even more committed to provide a space where we can all gather and enjoy the gift of human connection. This would not have been possible without each and every individual who works at the J. We pride ourselves in having a staff which has always been committed to serving the community, but this past year proved that our one of a kind staff is dedicated to serving each and everyone of our community members without question. For this commitment, we recognize our staff with the Gerald S. Gray Service & Leadership Award as an appreciation of all that they have done over the past year to continue to keep our community connected, no matter the situation.

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Sue Allon, Co-Chair
Goldie Cohen, Co-Chair
Lindy Eichenbaum Lent
Lisa Engbar
Dana Friedman
Kendra Harrison

Natalie Hengel
Dan Hyatt
Katy Hyman Roth
Kim Malek
Ed Nekritz

Bob Pailet
Lisa Reckler Cohn
Megan Seff
Michael Touff
Donald Yale


Celebration Sponsors

If you would like to become a sponsor of the event, please view the sponsorship packet for available options. For questions, please contact Cyndi Sheehan at or 303.316.6312.

Sunset Supporters ($36,000)

  • Wendy & Ed Nekritz

High Dive Donors ($25,000)

Pool Party Patrons ($18,000)

Deckside Donors ($10,000)

  • Elise & Brian Barish

  • The Chotin Foundation, Robin & Steven Chotin & Family

  • Cohen Family Fund

  • Hyder Construction

  • Toni & Mike Kboudi

  • NAI Shames Makovsky Realty, Evi & Evan Makovsky

  • The Felicia Beth Nekritz Memorial Fund

  • Pegi & Michael Touff

  • Westside Investment Partners, Inc.

  • Urban Ventures, LLC

Synchronized Swimmers ($5,000)

  • Sue & Harvey Allon

  • Argonaut Liquors, Scott Robinson

  • Jill & Stuart Bombel

  • Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP

  • Lisa & Rich Cohn

  • The Gerald S. Gray Family

  • Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP

  • Denver Agency

  • Shira & David Fishman

  • Dana & Brian Friedman

  • Land Title Guarantee Company

  • The Lusher, McQuade and Curtiss-Lusher Families

  • Julie & Brent Morse

  • Kami & Neil Pomerantz

  • Susan Powers

  • Leigh Sinclair & Arlan Preblud &

  • Trina & Scott Reisch

  • Susan & Eddie Robinson
    and Marcia & Dick Robinson

  • Suzanna Robinson

  • Rose Community Foundation

  • The Situs Group

  • Syntrinsic Investment Counsel, LLC

  • Trailbreak Partners

  • Jody Epstein-Yale & Donald Yale

2020 – 2021 Champions for the J

Champions for the J support the overall mission with a gift of $10,000 or more.
A portion of their gift goes towards sponsoring the Annual Celebration.

  • Kehila/Community ($50,000+)

    The B6 Fund
    Jill & Stuart Bombel
    Bonfils Stanton Foundation
    The Chotin Foundation, Robin & Steven Chotin & Family
    Colorado Creative Industries
    Colorado Department of Human Services
    The Goldrich Family Foundation
    Harold Grinspoon Foundation
    Evi & Evan Makovsky
    Wendy & Ed Nekritz
    Kathy Neustadt
    Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation
    Rose Community Foundation
    Strear Family Foundation
    Sturm Family Foundation

    Haklalla/Inclusion ($36,000+)

    Toni & Mike Kboudi
    Singer Family Foundation

    Gemilut/Kindness ($25,000+)

    Denver Post Community Foundation
    Elaine Gantz Berman & Stephen Berman
    /Jack and Sarita Gantz Foundation
    Shannon Gifford & Jerry Glick
    Thorey & Barry Goldstein
    Catherine & Doug Pluss
    Michele & Richard Right and Katzson Brothers, Inc
    – Sidney T. and Bertha Katzson Foundation
    Rose Medical Center

  • Kavod/Respect ($18,000+)

    Black Creek Group – Meghan and Evan Zucker
    Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation
    Lisa & Rich Cohn
    Kathy & Rob Klugman
    Sam Price Family Foundation
    MDC Richmond American Foundation
    Nancy Reichman & Charlie Gwirtsman
    Jane E Rosenbaum
    Michael Staenberg
    Pegi & Michael Touff
    The Melvin & Elaine Wolf Foundation

    Osher/Well Being ($10,000+)

    Sue & Harvey Allon
    BusinessDen LLC
    Goldie & Joel Cohen
    Daniel Gralla
    Kendra & Jason Harrison
    The Herm Family
    Hyder Construction
    Israeli Investment Advisors
    Susan Krems
    Cindy Long & Jason Sindler
    The Lusher, McQuade and Curtiss-Lusher Families
    NAI Shames Makovsky, Evi & Evan Makovsky
    The Felicia Beth Nekritz Memorial Fund
    Essie Perlmutter & Family
    Scott Robinson
    Urban Ventures, LLC
    Westside Investment Partners, Inc.


Ed Nekritz, Board Chair
Kendra Harrison, Board Secretary
Mike Kboudi, Governance Chair

Sue Allon
Rabbi Jordy Callman
Goldie Cohen
Barry Curtiss-Lusher
David Fishman
Dan Hyatt
Cori Streetman