Camp Shai Makers, teacher showing students how to work with wood.

Shai Katan 

Camp Shai’s newest program is launching Summer 2024! We are excited to announce a half-day program offering for campers. Camp Shai has always partnered with vendors around the Denver area; we are thrilled to continue our partnership this summer.

Join us for a half-day of fun in Shai Katan! 

WEEK 1: June 10-14 WEEK 2: June 17-14 WEEK 3: June 24-28 WEEK 4: July 8-12 WEEK 5: July 15-19
Katan Magic (Grades: K-1st) Katan Woodworking (Grades: K-1st) Katan Ceramics (Grades: K-1st) Katan Ceramics (Grades: K-1st) Katan Science (Grades: K-1st)
Katan Ceramics (Grades: 2nd-3rd) Katan Magic (Grades 2nd-3rd) Katan Woodworking (Grades: 2nd-3rd) Katan Woodworking (Grades: 2nd-3rd) Katan Ceramics (Grades: 2nd-3rd)
Katan Woodworking (Grades: 4th-6th) Katan Ceramics (Grades 4th-6th) Katan Magic (Grades: 4th-6th) Katan Theater (Grades: 3rd-6th) Katan Woodworking (Grades: 4th- 6th)
Ceramics Kilns


Pricing: $355

We are excited to extend our partnership with JCC’s ceramic studio again in Summer 2024! Campers will learn the ins and outs of pottery while creating their own designs to take home. Class sizes are kept small so that sessions can be structured around the individual camper while enjoying our amazing ceramic community. Campers will spend time with our highly skilled instructors led demonstrations of a wide spectrum of techniques.

Camp Shai Makers, student working on a small wooden boat.


Pricing: $355

Thinker Tinker is an interactive and project-based way for campers to learn to create and design with their hands. Thinker Tinker is designed to teach campers practical woodworking skills with an emphasis on the safe use of hand tools. Taught by Alice Sampson, retired educator, and a firm believer in hands-on experience as an effective means of teaching.



Pricing: $355

Discover Magic Camp introduces your child to some fun and original magic tricks and games (not found anywhere else!) that will boost their confidence and communication skills! Learn how to read people’s minds, make money appear out of nowhere and travel through time with a magic bandana just to name a few. In this course students will learn the 8 basic effects that make up all magic tricks and they will discover the real secrets to becoming a true magician as each lesson reveals an important skill for life.  Magic camp participants will earn an official Discover Magic Advancement Certificate and an exclusive collectible magic wand at the end of the course.



Pricing: $355

Is your camper interested in attending Wolf Theater Academy in the summer, but not quite sure if they’re ready yet? Wolf Theater Academy, Jr might be the perfect program for them! Campers will be instructed by the JCC Mizel Arts and Culture Center team, the best of the best! Instructors will facilitate a variety of games, lead improvisation exercises, and teach theater technics to campers, leaving them one step closer to the big stage!



Pricing: $355

Grab your lab coats and get ready to discover the exciting world of STEM as you explore different science and engineering concepts with Mad Science! Campers will explore experiments from chemistry, engineering, biology, and much more!

Program Structure

Hours of Operation: 8:30am-12:30 pm

Drop off at Graland Country Day School

Pick up at JCC Denver

This program will run Monday – Friday. Campers will begin their day at Graland Country Day School participating in Camp Shai’s all camp morning programs and then will be transported to the JCC for their Shai Katan program.

*The only program that will not be transported is Woodworking. Woodworking will be held at Graland Country Day School’s campus.

Example Schedule

Time Schedule
8:30-9:00 am Arrival at Graland Campus
9:00-9:40 am Snack & Morning Circle with all of Camp Shai
9:40-9:50 am Transport to JCC *excluding Woodworking
10:00-11:30 am Shai Katan Programming
11:30 am-12:00pm Lunch *Lunch is not provided
12:15-12:30 pm Check-out at JCC

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Shai Katan will be held Monday – Friday. Campers can sign up per week. Program dates can be found above.

Yes! Our highly trained staff will be with your campers every moment of the day. They are there to ensure campers are met with a welcoming, safe, and magical experience. This program will continue to operate at the highest level of safety and supervision standards. We are a state licensed childcare provider and an accredited camp through the American Camp Association.