What’s better than receiving a tell-all interview with the organizers of the Denver Jewish Film Festival?

We sat down to discuss all the details regarding the 2018 DJFF with the MACC Artistic Director, Steve Wilson, and the Director of Festivals, Amy Weiner.

How long does it take to plan the Denver Jewish Film Festival?

Amy: We’ve had pre-screeners vetting content for the 2018 DJFF festival since the 2017 festival, so by December 2016, once the 2017 festival had already been programmed, I had already begun to receive submissions from my distributor contacts and in January of 2017, I had already begun to compile the data to send to pre-screeners.

Steve: Right, I think it’s maybe longer than 12 months. The distribution of a film is a living thing. Amy might get information about a film in many ways, so then we would see the film and then we might not know when it’s going to release. It might release after our film festival, so we would have to shelf it for next year, or it could have a full wider distribution before our festival, in which case it wouldn’t be as attractive to our audience. It’s way more complicated than, “we watch the film, we like the film, we program the film.”

A: The distributor might say no.

S: Right, or the rights could be sold to another distributor and then the deal could change, or the distribution date could change. So, long story short, it takes about 12 months plus to program and plan the festival.