February 7 – 19

22nd Denver Jewish Film Festival: Film Through a Multicultural Lens

Sponsored by the Sturm Family Foundation

The alchemy of a darkened theatre, a room full of peers, and a larger-than-life story transforms a film into something much greater than the sum of its parts. It is an art form and a community building experience. It is entertainment and a reflection of our collective humanity. It is a magic that cannot be replicated on-demand or on ever-shrinking screens. When you see someone’s identity and values revealed on the big screen, their experience – their existence – is validated. That is the impact of a Jewish film festival – to declare to our community at large, despite lingering anti-Semitism or notions of what movie stars or subjects should look like, that we have a diverse array of stories to share.  Film festivals are the vessels that carry these diverse stories across the globe, to many thousands of like-minded cultural consumers.

We are deeply proud of our festival’s history of showcasing Jewish and Israeli perspectives of the human experience though cinema.  This year we are delighted to offer a program that provides an expansive view – both topically and geographically. From fascinating documentaries on Jewish cultural icons ranging from Israeli Prime Minister Ben-Gurion to Hollywood star (and inventor) Hedy Lamarr to the multi-talented performer Sammy Davis, Jr., to Dutch thrillers featuring notorious Holocaust villains, to riveting Israeli dramas depicting life both past and present, we have a strong lineup of films for everyone. All in all, we are screening 38 films from 17 countries and over two dozen distributors – as well as a film from a Colorado filmmaker! – an ambitious attempt to show the Jewish perspective throughout the world.

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