Professional adult actors performing for our favorite audience members…kids! Come one, come all to the most delightful event in town: Denver Children’s Theatre.

Since 1997, The Denver Children’s Theatre has been wowing audiences with outstanding productions of The Jungle Book, Sleeping Beauty, and more. Now in its 22nd season, DCT is touted as one of the best in the area, performing for both school groups and families alike from March–May each year.

The mission of the DCT is simple: We believe that children should have access to high-caliber entertainment that’s affordable, and most importantly, educational.

We are pleased to offer a professional theatre environment filled with state-of-the-art equipment, sets, costumes, and stage combat. In order to live up to our theatrical standards, our staff regularly attends children’s theatre conferences across the country and networks with leading companies to identify the highest quality scripts available.

Every show is specifically chosen to engage young audiences, inspire creative play, and nourish active minds. We want every child (and adult!) to leave a DCT performance with a renewed sense of wonder and a recharged imagination.

Why theatre?

Live theatre is different than TV, the circus, movies, and sporting events. The performers are live, and the performance is a unique ‘one-time’ only event that can never be exactly duplicated. Unlike entertainment on film, television, or the computer, the energy of the audience can either enhance or detract from the quality of the performance. Actors give their best performances for the best audiences because they are fueled by the active connection between good listeners and storytellers.