Art Kleinstein knows a little something about winning––he did, after all, win the 15th Annual JCC Denver Hold ‘Em Tournament (alongside the outrageously skillful, Patti Robinson).

Mr. Kleinstein (originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada) moved to Denver 26 years ago with his family (his daughter even attended pre-school here!), and throughout the years, the family has become a community staple.

Seeing as the 16th Annual Hold ‘Em Tournament is just around the corner (May 14!), we thought it’d be helpful to hear from the King of the Chips (is that a thing?) and see what words of wisdom he may have for his fellow poker players.

Hey, Art! It appears you’re a pretty seasoned poker player. How many J Poker Tournaments have you taken part in?​

Art Kleinstein: I’ve probably played in all of them––since they started (over 15 years ago).

How long have you been playing poker? Who originally taught you how to play?​

AK: I have been playing various types of poker since my first year in college. My roommates in college probably taught me.