Calling all swimmers!

Youth Swim Team

The JCC Tiger Sharks swim team is a recreational swim team offered for ages 6 – 17 with limited competitive swimming experience. Coaches will offer stroke refinement and teach the fundamentals of racing. This is an excellent way for a child to be introduced to fun and healthy competition, and good sportsmanship.

*Swimmers should have basic knowledge and proficient execution of all four strokes*

Masters Swim Team

This team is designed for adults ages 17 or older who want to improve fitness and master proper stroke techniques to become faster and more efficient in the water. This is a fun, supportive environment for all levels of swimmers. Participants should be able to swim a few hundred meters continuously. Experience with other competitive strokes is welcomed but not required.

Join a Swim Team

  1. Create an account online
  2. Add Children to the account under “Relationships”
  3. Click “Aquatic Lessons & Classes”
  4. Select the class you wish to register for
  5. Click Sign Up Now
  6. Click Check Out
  7. Enter method of payment (can take upto 5 minutes for the process to complete)
  8. Schedule should appear under the participant’s account.
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