AquaFit Class in Outdoor pool

Looking for low-impact with big results?

Aqua Fitness is here for you on your fitness journey. Aqua Fitness classes give your joints a break, all while enhancing your physical fitness, endurance, and strength. No matter your age, fitness history, or experience, hydrotherapy is for everyone. Grab your suit and come break a sweat in our effective, low-impact Aqua Fitness classes.

Benefits of Aqua Classes

  • Low-impact exercise

  • Water’s natural resistance increases muscle strength & endurance

  • Increased calorie burn

  • Water pressure reduces blood pressure

  • Cooling exercise (for those hotter days)

  • Fun way to exercise

  • Alleviates pressure on joints

  • Relieves stress & decreases anxiety

Classes available for all ages and skill levels

An all-new group exercise class schedule available now. Reservations required.


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