We put the ish in Jewish.

What is the ish?

The ish is the cultural piece of Jewish life. It’s the part that honors customs, traditions, and art. The part that debates philosophy, reads literature, and loves music. The part that invites you over for dinner and makes sure you know people when you’re alone in a new city. The part that helps you find a job, and makes you laugh so hard you can barely breathe.

The ish is the thing that binds us together, through laughter, love, food, and familyIt reminds us of our shared humanity with one another. 

The ish, at its core, is about one thing: belonging.

For nearly 100 years, the JCC Denver’s mission has been to build a community, rooted in Jewish values, where everyone feels like they belong. Our center was founded in 1922 as a place of refuge for the Jewish people of Denver, where they could safely gather under one roof to celebrate the cultural aspect of being Jewish–the ish.

Since then, the JCC Denver has evolved into something more–more than a single building, more than just a gathering place, and more than our individual departments and programs. Today, the JCC Denver is a community that extends beyond the walls in which we do business. We open our literal and figurative doors to anyone who wants to celebrate life and be a part of something more.

The JCC Denver has been, and always will be, a place where you belong.