A Ski-Filled Shabbat

Written by Shlomit Ovadia of JCC Denver.

Dina Resnick, 27, is a resident of Backcountry Bayit (BCB), a mountain-based home in Summit County that brings Jews together for communal dinners, with access to the mountains for weekend skiing and snowboarding adventures.  

Prior to moving to the mountains, Dina enjoyed frequenting the JCC Fitness & Aquatics Center, sharing that “it was a non-intimidating environment to work out in.” 

Now with her leadership role at BCB, Dina gets to connect Jews from different communities over a casual and welcoming, weekly Shabbat dinner. 

“I love the fact that I get to create a community environment by hosting Shabbat dinners, meeting new people, and strengthening connections with familiar faces.” 

For the first time ever, JCC Denver is teaming up with the BCB to host a young professionals Shabbat dinner in Frisco on February 9, inviting Jews from the Front Range to join in on this wintery experience.  

The evening begins at 7:00 pm with candle-lighting and some prayer, followed by a self-serve, buffet-style dinner around 7:30 pm with vegetarian and vegan dishes. Attendees tend to hang around for a few hours after, playing ping pong, board games, and just having fun. 

“It is an exciting opportunity for me to work with the JCC. I’m excited to have these two Jewish programs grow together through this great partnership,” Dina notes. 

This year has been a different energy for BCB, as three of their roommates who are Israeli were called to serve in the IDF reserves from November through January, two of whom were in and out of Gaza. Having since returned, both Israeli and Jewish-American BCB residents will welcome JCC’s young professionals to this special Shabbat.  

The JCC is coordinating carpools for those driving up from Denver, and BCB invites guests to sleep at their Frisco home (provided they bring own sleeping bags and pads) to wake the following morning and hit the slopes with easy access. 

In December, JCC Denver hosted a ski kick-off event to prepare for the season and find carpool buddies. They are looking forward to continuing the party with BCB on February 9. 

You can register here to join.

To participate in future young adult events, please email us at info@jccdenver.org.