Let There Be Art

Get your hands dirty with JCC Denver Fine Arts and Ceramics classes for all levels. This winter, the department has switched to a five-week course model, providing accessible pricing and schedule flexibility. People are invited to still register for both sessions if they prefer the traditional format.  

As someone who is passionate about art and education, Fine Arts Education Program Manager, Ari Shahbazi is excited to continue molding and shaping classes to meet the ever-evolving needs of our community. The former art dealer and curator brings her expertise and passion to the J, and recently sold one of her original pieces to an important collection in San Juan Capistrano, purchased by a high-level curator. She oversees and develops all departmental curricula, while inviting teachers to collaborate by bringing their unique expertise as functional artists, chemists, and more, to their respective classes.  

“What’s cool about the classes are you’d never guess it’s a curriculum,” as they don’t feel collegiate or strict, and are not graded.  

Yet, “there are the core competencies we want people to walk away with and incorporate those into each practice in a very approachable way,” Ari shares. 

“We take one element and apply it to every artist. There is a lot of flow and flexibility, yet students also walk away with a comprehensive understanding of these different skills.” 

JCC Denver’s Ceramics classes are offered as both series and one-offs and accommodate all levels, ranging from the complete novice to most advanced students, all housed in the department’s recently renovated studio.