For the Love of Libraries

Discover the wonder of theatre this winter with Denver Children’s Theatre (DCT) – a group that has been delighting young audiences for over 20 years, bringing professional actors and production teams to engage students who would not otherwise be exposed to live theatre production. 

Every year, the Henry Award-winning annual programming strives to encourage authentic representation throughout every stage of the casting, hiring, and play selection process. 

This year will be no different with the production of, Tomás and the Library Lady, a bilingual play telling the true story of a son of migrant farm workers in Iowa who learns to love books and the many adventures they take him on, to eventually embark on a successful career in academia.  

This play was chosen mindfully, in the hopes of reaching Denver’s large LatinX/Hispanic population of students to see themselves represented on stage in new ways. 

DCT creates further inclusion by bringing this educational programming to as many schools as possible and collaborating extensively with donors to provide subsidized tickets and absorb transportation costs. They also offer accessibility days for those experiencing disabilities and needing additional assistance. 

The play brings performances to schools and the general public. Stay tuned to learn about Denver Children’s Theatre’s plans to expand their inclusive offerings and reach even more students.