Good Will Prevail

The Jewish Community is hurting. Over the past several weeks, we have witnessed an insurmountable degree of tragedy unfolding in Israel with reverberation around the world, and right here at home. Between the hostages suffering in captivity and innocent lives lost to the steady stream of antisemitic and hateful rhetoric churning out of social media and academia, it is entirely normal to feel exhausted and depleted as we all grieve.  

The resulting fear and anxiety that have created such a significant impact on our community cannot be ignored. We are so thankful to the clergy and counselors who have made themselves widely available to us all. We are also indebted to the team of the Secure Community Network (SCN), supported by JEWISHcolorado, which continues to be an invaluable resource, and who work in lockstep with us.  

This has not been easy, and navigating ideas and opinions when high levels of emotion are involved adds to the challenge. Yet, through it all I am finding inspiration and resiliency through the acts of kindness (Chesed) and generosity (Tzedakah) that I have both seen first-hand, as well as heard and read about. I am finding motivation and energy in the way our Jewish community has come forward to speak up and stand together in truth. I have also once again been reminded of the lesson (and its importance) that my parents taught my sister, brother, and I from an early age, that silence in the face of adversity is never a solution. I am also very grateful when we see and hear members of the non-Jewish community raise their voices in support and extend their hands to us, increasing our hope and optimism that good will ultimately prevail.   

While the days ahead may feel uncertain, please know that at the center of the Jewish Community is your JCC, and our team remains steadfast in our commitment to be here for you. 

Am Yisrael Chai.