An Interview with Suzanne Giesemann 

Who are you, and what was your journey to discovering The Awakened Way 

I’m Suzanne Giesemann (pronounced like a flock of “geese,” by the way) and I am a spiritual teacher who uses Mediumship to show people that we are not only human, that we’re part of one big web that connects all that is, and that the healing creative force of the universe is love 

That is basically summarizing the three principles of my main teaching, which I call the Awakened Way. When we come to know that we’re not only human, that we’re souls in a body, it changes everything. Mediumship is just one way to come to that awareness by showing us, through connecting with loved ones who have passed, that the soul lives on, the soul lives eternal, and it’s love that connects us all.  

I didn’t always know that truth. I lived my life kind of sleep walking as a soul, as most of us do, until we awaken to these truths. I had a full career as a Navy Officer; I retired with the rank of Commander, I had the honor of serving as a commanding officer, as special assistant to the head of the Navy, and then as the aid de camp to the head of the entire United States Military, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I have a master’s degree in National security affairs and taught Political Science at the Naval Academy.  

That is my story – all very left brained. That was the role I played for half of my life, until my stepdaughter Susan, a Seargent in the Marine Corp, was struck and killed by lightening in 2006. She was six months pregnant with our only grandchild; I saw her body in the coffin, and I just knew, in that instant. It was like the soul said, “Wake up!” So, I set the goal right then and there with her at the funeral that I was going to connect with her.  

I began meditating every day, and that changed my life. It awakened me to new realities, to new expanded states of consciousness that started showing me that we’re so much more than these bodies. Ultimately, I did connect with Susan, and I did so with evidence.   


My left brained background is what insists that, if you’re gonna tell me something, you have to prove it to me. So, every time I make a connection across the veil, I ask them to prove it. I ask them to tell me things about themselves that I don’t know. Once we are open to at least asking the question, to playing with what comes up and not taking life so seriously that we block out all these wonders that are around us, the spirit world will pull out all the stops.  

I think of evidence as basically anything that would be in their biography that I wouldn’t be aware of unless they told me. How did they pass – what work did they do – what’s their favorite song – personal mannerisms that wouldn’t appear on a Google or Facebook search – all kinds of details will come out. Also, sometimes a spirit will give current events about what’s going on with their loved one’s life that I couldn’t possibly have known. That’s what I think of as irrefutable evidence. 

For someone who doesn’t know anything about you or your work, what can someone expect at your lecture? Workshop? 

The first evening will be a presentation/lecture on what it means to live the Awakened Way and discussing the three principles I mentioned earlier. This will also be backed up with some of my favorite and most stunning no-other-explanation stories of the other side, that leave even skeptics saying, “how is that even possible?” That was the first question I had when I connected with a spirit. And I want people to be asking that question – I want them to squirm a little bit. That’s how we grow. I’ll definitely be sharing my background so that people know that I’m not just some flakey person telling them I can talk to ghosts! I want people to trust me, then to open their minds to greater possibilities so that they can be eager to go forth and explore, and experience the “Three E’s” – Educate, Experience, and Engage.  

For those attending your lecture/workshop, are there things one can/should do to prepare?  

I’d say you’ll need to install seat belts into the theatre because I tell everyone at the beginning of the presentation to buckle up! I share information that most people are too afraid to talk about, because they’re fearful of what people will think. Yet, when you start talking about your personal experiences, you’ll find that there are countless more people around you who have all had a moment in which you just know there’s something more.  

People can expect to feel joy, you will absolutely feel the higher energy – that feeling of love and connection and knowing that we are all connected at a deeper level. Some people may want to cry, and that’s just the soul saying, “I’m so glad you paid attention and you’re here right now.” So, it’s just gonna be heightened emotions, some mind-expanding information, and simply joy and love.  

You may want to bring a notebook, for those ah-hah moments. There are two things in particular that I ask people to bring with them: an open heart, and an open mind. That doesn’t mean not being skeptical; skepticism is good. But close-minded skepticism is losing opportunities for your own growth.  

 Tell me about Sanaya 

That’s my team of guides, they give us the Daily Way messages which you can find on Facebook, the Daily Way app,, and various other platforms. What I want to impart to everyone is that we all have a team of light beings, guides; loving, intelligent, sentient beings that show us that we’re never alone.  

What are your thoughts about coming to the J/anything particularly exciting about this venue in particular? 

I’m very excited for a multitude of reasons! First of all, I’m grateful to everyone at the JCC for hosting this, because I know that we’ll have a beautiful mixture of people who are familiar with my work and this field, and people who are new to it and are curious. You already have a community established at the JCC, so we’re just expanding this to show how we are all connected. 

The second reason I’m excited is because the event is being held in the Elaine Wolf Theatre, and one of my books is called Wolf’s Message. I’ll be sharing the Wolf’s message in brief, during the presentation my first evening there, and it’s truly one of the most wondrous, no-other-explanation stories that I have to tell. It’s the one story that allowed me to say in full confidence that I can prove that we are souls. To share that in the Wolf Theatre will be pretty magical. 

Editor’s Note: While “Wolf’s Message” and the Wolf Theatre name are unrelated, it certainly adds to the aura of the program. 

Anything else?  

One point I want to make is that, when I made my first connection over a decade ago, with a spirit who had passed, I thought, “am I just pulling data out of the air? Am I just reading this person’s mind?” But, over time through feeling those who have passed, and seeing how they interact with me, it is exactly that – interactive. It is two-way conversation and it’s creative; they are clever, and they leave no doubt that this is not data. They are still people, and they want us to know that they’re still here. So why would they come through? To give apologies – to ask for forgiveness, to say thank you, to say exactly what the loved one needs to hear for their healing. It’s absolutely sacred work in my mind. 

Also, I don’t want people to be scared off by the word “medium.” Everyone has their own belief system, (and I call that our “BS”), but we just need to see past our own “BS” and be curious about each other and the world. I’m going to open people’s minds to what mediumship really is and how sacred this work is. It changes lives, and it saves lives. I invite people to be curious, open minded, and come with an open heart.  

Fun fact: favorite meal, biggest pet peeve, dog’s name,  

I have two long-haired dachshunds named Rusty and Nellie, and I often wear a T-shirt that reads “Be Like Nellie.” Nellie has taught us the power of unbounded love and excitement. They are my little ambassadors of love.