Summer is Served: Junior Tennis Academy  

The JCC is an immensely multifaceted place, hosting programs from ceramics classes to Baby Café, events from Denver Jewish Film Festival to Senior Prom; there is something for every interest, background, and age. Speaking of age, the JCC is one of the best places to send your kiddo for summer camp, doubles as a great opportunity to introduce your child to a new skill or activity – like Tennis!    

JCC’s Tennis Camps have programs available for all skill levels, from ages 4-15, with a focus on technique, game strategy, and fun!  

For youngsters looking to get a jump start on their game, Serve, Snack, and Splash is the perfect option. Available to ages 4-8, campers will have 90 minutes of court time, followed by a 30-minute snack break, then an hour of splish-splashing in the JCC outdoor pool. Time on the court will be spent learning basic tennis techniques, such as ground strokes, volleys, and serves. There will, of course, be game playing opportunities for testing these new skills! 

The Junior Tennis Camps are divided into three parts, the Orange Ball, Green Ball, and Yellow Ball Summer Camps. All camps are 3-hour daily camps, Monday – Friday, with various sessions to choose from. For a full description of each camp and which one would best suit your young athlete, head to our website.  

So, let’s get into the “why” of sending your kiddo to Tennis Camp. It’s not just to keep them busy, or a way to work on hand-eye-coordination. Involving your child in the Tennis community from an early age exposes them to a tight-knit group of people, united under a common love of the game. “The atmosphere here is one of pure community,” says Stephanie, a long-time employee of the JCC Tennis Center. “There’s such a sense of camaraderie, I think anybody will tell you that. People walk in the door, and they are SO happy to be at the Tennis Center – they leave their problems at the door, have a chance to be themselves, and just play.” 

Experiencing this type of environment teaches children that no matter where they go, regardless of where in the world they find themselves, they can meet “their people” by getting involved in a local Tennis center. The JCC Tennis Center offers year-round opportunities for young people to test and refine their racquet skills; arguably, summer might just be the perfect time to introduce your child to (what might just be) the greatest sport of all time. Head on over to our website for more information on how to get your young athlete out on the court.