Seasons, and Reasons, for Change 

It’s hard to resist that spring cleaning itch. Many of us are feeling a familiar, unapologetic urge to throw open the windows, sweep walkways free of sand and dust, and declare ourselves free of the confines of winter.  

At the JCC, we’re doing our own kind of spring cleaning. It comes in the form of long overdue, very much needed, and wildly un-sexy upgrades to our swimming pools.    

Perhaps you’re already aware of this – but just in case: 

As of April 3, we have temporarily closed the outdoor pools and the indoor pools will be closed as of April 11. This is necessary in order to undertake replacing systems such as the filter, chemical delivery, and heat exchange systems. Although residing behind the scenes, these systems’ ability to work properly has a profound effect on our members’ enjoyment of the aquatics facilities. Pool filters ensure the removal of bacteria and contaminants in the water; the chemical delivery system aids in the process of maintaining a balanced pool chemistry; and heat exchangers help to monitor the temperature of our pools, allowing members to enjoy outdoor swimming all year round.  

Completing these system updates requires us to close the pools for a period of time, and although we are optimistic that it will only take several weeks, there are many elements that are out of our hands. With the combined cooperation of the weather and the on-time delivery of equipment, we have our sights set on reopening the pools in May. 

To put it mildly, no one is more bummed out by the pools closing than the J family. We assure you, it is 100% in service of enriching the JCC as a whole, and presenting to our members the kind of quality and state-of-the-art experience that they (you!) deserve. Community pools are the kind of hub where families, individuals, athletes, novices, and everyone in between can come to exercise, relax, spend quality time with friends, and wash away all manner of woes. We strive to continue being this place for our community, and endeavor to make choices that ensure our members’ enjoyment for the many seasons to come.  

In the spirit of spring cleaning, we’re throwing out what no longer works – literally – and ushering in a new era of improvements and investments in our future.  

For the most recent updates on the timeline and upgrades process, head to for more information. If all goes swimmingly, (sorry, had to!), we’ll see you on the pool deck in no time!