An Anniversary to Celebrate: Israel’s 75th

Israel turns 75 years old this year, but despite only being three-quarters of a century old, the modern achievements in politics, technology, and science are plenty and profound. 

When Israel became an independent state, its population was only a few hundred thousand people. Today, it’s home to over nine million. The people of Israel hail from a rich diversity of cultures and backgrounds which all converge to create a multi-faceted, unique landscape. Israel was built on the dream of creating a refuge for the Jewish people, but in under a century it has become so much more.  

At the JCC, we feel it important to find ways to celebrate Israel’s anniversary. Therefore, starting in April, there will be programming each month to highlight the disciplines in which Israel has excelled.  

For April’s feature, we are welcoming Paul Margolis and his show “Israel Impressions” which will be on display in the JCC Mizel Arts and Culture Center Reception Room. 

Documentary and fine art photographer Paul Margolis will discuss his stunning black and white photography of Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Israel and present a PowerPoint lecture on the work. His photos of Israel show merchants, fishermen, rock festivals, and other compelling scenes that capture the vibrancy of daily life in Israel. Margolis will also conduct a Q&A about his use of black and white film rather than digital, his personal connection to Israel, and his approach to documentary photography. He has exhibited his Israel images and presented the PowerPoint to audiences on the East and West Coast of the U.S., as well as in France and Israel. 

After viewing Margolis’s work, be sure to read the upcoming In the Loup newsletters, where we will be highlighting more of Israel’s many achievements. In September, this summer-long celebration will culminate with a day dedicated to honoring the triumph of the Jewish state – think community art exhibits, listening to Israeli tunes, and enjoying traditional (and delectable!) Israeli cuisine. Save the date for September 10, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm as we pay homage to Israel and her 75th birthday.  


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