Tzedakah for All 

To say that the JCC Lobby has been bursting with activity would be an understatement. Over the past two days, the T4K fundraiser has been cause for unabashed goofiness, heartwarming generosity, and coincided with the most endearing Purim Parade put on by the Early Learning School!   

On Tuesday morning, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, Bubbes, and Sabas gathered to enjoy breakfast from Rosenberg’s and admire the colorful Purim decorations before the much-anticipated Purim Parade. Infants and preschoolers dressed as Sesame Street characters, astronauts, barnyard animals, an avocado, and there was even one group of youngsters dressed as shrubbery.  

Despite the weather being uncharacteristically overcast, the JCC Lobby was lit up by the wide smiles of proud parents and gleeful kiddos. An ordinary day at the JCC is already filled with activity and belly laughs, but Tuesday was a special day in particular.  

“What a unique opportunity to see the school and the parents come together to celebrate a festive holiday, bask in community spirit, and honor the scholarship the JCC provides to children in our community,” says one ELS parent and parade attendee.  

It is quite fitting that the T4K fundraiser took place during this celebration of Purim. Purim is easily the most festive holiday of the year, with its costumes and feasts and general merriment – but it’s also about giving. A common tradition is to give money, or gifts of food, to those in need. And why do we wear costumes for this holiday? One interpretation is that everyone dresses up adorned in masks and colorful garb to protect the dignity of those needing charity – as everyone is regaled in silly costume, you cannot distinguish those who have, from those in need. All people can give and receive tzedakah without exposing their identities, strengthening the bonds of friendship and creating unity in our community. 

That’s what makes the T4K fundraising event so pivotal. The financial aid it generates is crucial for numerous families and allows many young people to access vital opportunities for growth, while maintaining anonymity for those awarded aid. Every child deserves a chance to experience the kind of nurturing and enrichment that is a natural result of growing up at the JCC. The Robert E. Loup Scholarship Fund ensures this.      

We can’t begin to express our gratitude for all those who donated to the scholarship fund, and came to celebrate Purim at the JCC. If you’d like to make a donation, or donate again, head to our website today or click here.