Let’s Talk.

Communication is an intrinsic, fundamental human characteristic, and has been for over 100,000 years. In word, song, dance, and art, humankind has gone to great lengths to express our feelings and ideas. The power of effective communication has been the catalyst for building global alliances, raising magnificent cities, and countless scientific breakthroughs. Humanity is at its strongest when there is open, clear, and judgement-free dialogue, no matter the topic.  

Unfortunately, that is not the current landscape we find ourselves in. 

But a well-known and much-loved member of our community, Robyn Loup, has some ideas for how we can inspire meaningful discourse that may, hopefully, transcend the borders of cultural and idealistic differences.  

Robyn’s dedication to the JCC and Denver’s Jewish Community is immeasurable and spans several decades. Having traveled to Israel countless times in her life, she has a deep understanding of, and love for, its history, culture, and people. Like many of us, Robyn is distinctly aware of the unmistakable rise in antisemitism in our society – and worldwide – and feels great apprehension about the level of polarization that we are seeing around us.  

This polarization is in part what inspired her to cofound Moving To Our Center (MTOC), a non-profit organization intent on creating space for open and respectful discourse on topics ranging from the history of Israel, Christian Nationalism in the U.S., and much, much more. MTOC’s mission is to “facilitate intentional education, dialogue, and experiences for the Jewish community and beyond,” while placing immense importance on themes like freedom and democracy. It is MTOC’s belief that in this environment of profound polarization, open communication is even more vital.  

“We used to talk. In this age of social media and politics, we’ve become divided,” Robyn says. “Moving To Our Center offers a place where we can listen, learn, and dialogue on many important subjects.”  

Robyn, and MTOC, hopes that in encouraging individuals to learn about and discuss controversial topics, we can begin the journey of healing humanity’s communication problem.  

The JCC is ecstatic to be hosting Moving To Our Center’s upcoming event, Unraveling the Proposed Judicial Reforms in Israel, which will focus on the Israeli Government’s proposed changes on its judicial system. The outcome of this decision may not only have sweeping implications for Israel, but also the United States and democracies worldwide. A panel of three speakers will be present to help inform, moderate, and guide individuals as we begin to unravel this incredibly complex issue. This discussion is meant to be informational, not political.  

Taking place in the JCC Lobby on March 29 at 6:45 pm, this event is open to any and all who wish to learn more about Israel’s current political climate. Attendance is free for those who wish to listen, learn, and ask questions.  

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