Is It Summer Yet? 

What if there was a place for young people to explore the outdoors, create connections with their peers, nurture a love of community and nature, and discover their true, authentic self? 

There is.  

You probably already know about JCC Ranch Camp, but just in case… 

Ranch Camp is nestled on 380 acres of stunning private land in Elbert, Colorado, ideally located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Campers have a unique choice of activities to choose from on any given day, like hiking, biking, and horseback riding on a vast expanse of trail systems, reaching new heights on our ropes course, and playing any number of games on our new 60,000 square foot sports field. From archery, to music, theatre and drama, art, and Judaic studies, Ranch Camp has an offering for every interest and individual. Every day is an adventure. 

Campers reside in quintessential ‘camp’ cabins, with 10-11 other campers and 3-4 staff members. There are two separate villages at camp – the North and South Villages – known during the summer as Banim (Boys) and Banot (Girls) Village. Each village has its own distinct style, yet both preserve the feeling of having once been a real working ranch! 

Other Ranch camp facilities include a heated outdoor swimming pool, two different leveled ropes courses (and a zip line!), a nature and crafts center, technical rock-climbing wall, and more, not to mention the boundless acreage of the Colorado outdoors!  

Serving grades 1-11, Ranch Camp is the perfect place for your child to spend summer regardless of age, interests, or camp experience. For youngsters not quite ready for sleep-away camp, or nervous about the experience, programs like ShaiVenture, Baktanna, or Mini Camp are the perfect way to acclimate your child to camp. By creating opportunities for young campers to explore the world outside of the home while in a safe, encouraging environment, programs like these are sure to nurture inspiration, not apprehension, in your young camper. 

Aside from being fun for campers, JCC Ranch Camp is a BLAST for the staff. Each summer we hire individuals each with their own immeasurable talents, boundless compassion, and passion for fun. Our staff want nothing more than to make the most memorable summer for your child, and they have a ball doing it. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in becoming a Ranch Camp staff member, check out our website! 

So, there’s trails, and games, and campouts, and horses. But what truly makes Ranch Camp so special?  

Here, we create an authentic and meaningful atmosphere in which campers, staff, and families alike can explore and grow their Jewish identity, and become more caring and responsible members of society – all from the comfort of the great outdoors. Offering a host of activities centered Jewish tradition and values, Ranch Camp holds a special meaning in many peoples’ hearts, well after they are campers themselves.  

One such alumni writes, 

“As a child, Ranch Camp taught me Judaism was not just some kind of activity or hobby, it was a whole culture and heritage that was bigger than I was. Experiential learning at camp deepened my relationship to Judaism and showed me that shabbat could be joyful, meaningful, and down to earth. I was blessed to have one of the first B’nai Mitzvah ceremonies held at Ranch Camp, and that DIY spirit has infused my Jewish life ever since. I often tell people that I don’t think I would have become a Rabbi if it were not for going to Jewish summer camp.  My family has recently moved back to Colorado and I’m thrilled that my kids will be going to Ranch Camp for the first time this summer!” 

Whether you look forward to Ranch Camp for the trails, campfires, Shabbat song sessions, or the community itself, there’s always one common denominator: Everyone looks forward to Ranch Camp.  

It may only be March. But our sights are already set on summer.