5 Reasons You Should Send Your Child to Theatre Camp 

It may only be February, but it’s never too early to make plans for an adventurous, fun-filled summer at the JCC!  

One of Denver’s best summer camp experiences comes from our very own Mizel Arts and Culture Center: The Wolf Theatre Academy (WTA). For over forty years, WTA has been the perfect place for young performers to come into their own and develop their craft with local theatre professionals.  

Students at WTA have opportunities to learn and refine acting techniques, explore disciplines such as music and dance, venture into the world of theatre tech and production, and most importantly, gain insight into their own interests and strengths.  

What happens on the Pluss Stage or the Elaine Wolf Stage transcends the boundary of a season. A child’s experience at WTA has the potential to positively affect each and every facet of their life, long after the stage lights fade to black. And that’s not just a feeling or a hunch — the proof is in the data.  

Research regarding the benefits of introducing children to theatre arts is extensive, and the long-term value of a summer at WTA will echo throughout your child’s life — a true, lasting treasure. 

Involving your child in theatre programming such as WTA can help them by: 

  1. Improving their mental health 

According to BMC Public Health, people who engage in theatre for two or more hours a week are shown to have remarkably better mental health.  

  1. Increasing their self-esteem 

In 2002, the education department at the National Theatre of London worked with children ages 7-10 from eight schools for three years. The children who studied Shakespeare and Marlowe and performed in the theatre’s storytelling program showed increased self-esteem and a greater propensity for listening and public speaking.  

  1. Boosting their SAT scores 

The American Alliance of Theater & Education has found that theatre students typically score 65 points higher on their SATs and 34 points higher on the SAT math component than their non-theatre peers.  

  1. Earning a college scholarship 

If your young performer wants to go to college, a theatre scholarship is a great possibility for lessening the financial strain of undergraduate studies. This list is just a small example of the amount of money that’s available for theatre lovers who want to pursue higher education.  

  1. Growing their eventual career options 

While many believe the only career path open to performers is that of an actor or a director, that’s simply too narrow of a scope. Production design, stage management, hairstyling and makeup, and costume design are just a few of the many career paths your artist could pursue.  

 The benefits of a theatre background are endless. For more information on how theatre can (and will) improve the life and future of your child, check out this informative article from Scholastic.  

If you want your child to experience the joy and wonder of a summer at the WTA, click here to view our 2023 offerings. We can’t wait to see you in the spotlight this summer at the Wolf Theatre Academy!