Aqua Fit: A Fitness Class for the Soul 

We’re lucky to house two incredible pools at our center (did you know the outdoor one is heated year-round?!) and our members make the most of them — especially our Aqua Fit participants! 

Aqua Fit is one of our most beloved fitness classes at the J, and after speaking with Ginger Beach (we couldn’t think of a more fitting last name for her), you’ll see why.

Ginger is no stranger to Aqua Fit and water aerobics — she’s been partaking in these unique, low-impact classes for over a decade; however, she’s relatively new to the JCC, having been a member for 10 months.  

What made her join, you ask? For Ginger, that’s an easy question. 

She fell in love not only with the Fitness Center, but specifically Aqua Fit. Ginger shares that at the J, she found “by far the best water aerobics class” in which she has ever participated.  

With our beloved Judy Swesey as the instructor, participants can strengthen each part of their body, increase flexibility, and build endurance without adding any unnecessary stress on their joints. On top of the benefits listed above, the water pressure enables blood flow to circulate more effectively throughout the body, decreasing blood pressure, and in the long run, decreasing resting heart rate. 

After learning about Ginger’s overwhelmingly positive experience with water aerobics and the J as a whole, it made us think about the parallels between our water aerobics offerings and our center…and we came to this conclusion.  

Aqua Fit is one of those classes that embodies everything we love about our community. It’s fun, supportive, and welcoming for all ages and stages of life.  

Click here to learn more about our soul-enriching Aqua Fit classes!