ReelAbilities Festival Brings Real Inclusivity 

The Arts are for everyone, right? 

For those with a disability (mental and/or physical), chronic pain, or people of advanced age, art can feel rather exclusive. That’s why the JCC and Mizel Arts and Culture Center team made the decision in 2021 to join ReelAbilities and host the first-ever ReelAbilities Film Festival Denver, and now the 2022 program is quickly approaching. 

What is ReelAbilities and what can patrons expect at this year’s festival?  

ReelAbilities is the largest festival in the United States dedicated to promoting awareness and appreciation of the lives, stories, and artistic expressions of people with disabilities. Founded in New York in 2007, this festival has made a point to showcase films by and about people with disabilities in several host locations throughout the USA in order to establish better representation of those with disabilities.  

Guided by the timeless Jewish values of inclusion and tzedek (justice), ReelAbilities allows our community to engage with everyone, including those with disabilities, disability advocates, artists, allies, and more. As an arts organization — what more could we want? 

Working in partnership with the Phamaly Theatre Company, films were reviewed and selected for this year’s festival and are represented by a diverse range of films with varying themes including among others disability advocacy and performance, deaf culture, and living with Parkinson’s. The Festival will feature six feature films and three short films that are sure to inspire.  

Some may ask, is this festival only for people with disabilities? Absolutely not, ReelAbilities is for everyone as challenges can impact us all. 

Tickets for our 2nd Annual ReelAbilities Film Festival Denver are on sale now. Please join us in person August 24th – 27 and virtually August 24th –31.