This week’s edition of “In The Loup” highlights our annual 2021 Tzedakah 4 Kids (T4K) fundraising campaign being coordinated by our Development Department.

On May 6 and 7, we will hold our annual, 27-hour Tzedakah 4 Kids (T4K) fundraising campaign that provides scholarship funds via the Robert E. Loup Scholarship Fund. Last year, COVID-19 delayed our T4K effort until November (it is usually held in April or May) and thanks to you and your generous gifts, we have been able to offer financial aid to many of our students and their families this year (2021). Many of our J Families have been severely impacted by the pandemic and the resulting job and salary loss continues for many of them. As a result, we have a continuing and greater need for scholarship funds in 2022, which we hope to raise with this year’s campaign. Our goal is $200,000 and we are asking for your support to help us reach our goal.

T4K is a “crowdfunding” campaign that is lots of fun. The Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Staff Teams are in place and ready to compete to raise funds. Consider making a contribution to one of the staff teams. There are all kinds of staff challenges involved and in some cases, staff members end up in the pool fully clothed! We also use social media to engage our community members as well as individual networks to help reach our goal.

Once again, we have amazing and generous donors who are providing us with a 4x match for each donation. That means that a gift of $36 counts as $144, $180 counts as $720, and so on.

We are so excited that our Early Learning School and Camp enrollment is on the rise and we have so many kiddos ready to return. Here is a taste of where our enrollment numbers currently stand:

Early Learning School – we are at 89% of capacity for our summer session and at 95% for our fall session.

Camp Shai is 96% enrolled for the summer. We have a 50% retention from previous summers.

Ranch Camp is at 96% enrollment for this summer. 221 of our campers are returning and 166 are new campers.

Please consider making a contribution on May 6 and 7 to T4K. Be sure to check your inbox for emails and our Facebook page for posts these days to learn how to donate and help us reach our goal. As always, we truly appreciate your continued generosity.

Shabbat Shalom,

Cyndi Sheehan and Louanne Saraga Walters
Your JCC Development Team