Hello! This is a note from your Content Specialist at the J (aka, the writer of these newsletters, the compiler of info & events, and your social media mogul).

Just kidding. I mean, I do all those things, but I hesitate to call myself a mogul. 

My name is Lexie Robbins and for the past three years, I have designed, compiled, and sent through these email communications, including these bi-weekly (and now weekly) Monday newsletters. It’s a job that I absolutely adore and I feel routinely humbled to receive both your gratitude and constructive criticism every week regarding our social media posts, newsletters, email communications, etc.

Due to COVID-19, as you are all very well aware, we have had to go through another round of furloughs here at the J and my department, Marketing, was affected; therefore, I will be going on furlough starting next Monday through the summer. To be honest with you all, this news hit me hard—I feel very sad to have to put aside these newsletters, our fun social media shenanigans, and other further endeavors for the next few months. This is all to say that starting next week and until further notice, our email newsletters and social media presence will reduce in frequency throughout the summer months. However, Adam Zandman, our fantastic Chief Marketing Officer, will ensure you get the necessary information through email and social media as needed, to keep you all in the loop and connected during this time (we wouldn’t leave you hangin’!).

Now, since I have this platform at this present moment and I can control what we post/write about, I’m going to sign off for the season by saying this:

I love all of you. Truly.

I started working at the J down in the Mizel Arts and Culture Center Box Office when I was still in college, and once I graduated, I started working at the Mizel full-time. Back in 2017, I applied for this job in Marketing, and by the literal grace of G-d, I was able to do the work that I love—communicating and sharing our beautiful community with each and every one of you. The J has changed my life for the better and I am so grateful to be a part of this family.

I’ll wrap this all up with a shoutout to the rest of my J team and all other furloughed staff members. This is a difficult time for our entire organization, but we are strong and I know we will prevail.

This isn’t goodbye, but a “see you later.” I hope all of you have a wonderful, safe summer and I can’t wait to get back in your inbox and social feeds later this year.