Although some fitness centers may allow for drop-in childcare, most have strict policies or even wait times. For easy drop-in childcare options, choose a family-oriented fitness facility that you can trust. Drop-in child care in Denver is available seven days a week at the JCC. Find out more about JCC drop-in childcare availability, rates, and policies below.

What is drop-in childcare?

Drop-in child care services are similar to that of traditional daycare centers. It is a service that allows parents to reserve a spot for their child so that they can receive care when the parent is busy. Drop-in childcare staff is available to watch and care for children during their stay. Reservations are encouraged, up to one hour prior to drop-in, so that staff members are prepared and can follow all community guidelines.

Rates and Hours

The JCC prides itself on affordable drop-in child care options with flexible hours. Our facilities are open Monday through Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Friday through Sunday, from 8 a.m. to noon throughout the seasons. Rates fluctuate depending on the child’s age and how many children are signed up per family. Prices for infants are $7 per hour, any child at the walking stage and above is $6 per hour, and any additional child or infant is $3.50 per hour.

Reservation Policies

The JCC has a simple set of guidelines for parents when it comes to drop-in childcare services. To utilize drop-in child care at the JCC, parents must be a member of the community center first. Of course, drop-ins are welcome, but reservations are encouraged in order to ensure a spot for your child. Childcare guidelines require a specific amount of staff per group of children, and those spaces fill up fast. Parents can easily make an online reservation, or call/stop by the Fitness Center Front Desk, to make a reservation up to one hour ahead of drop-off time.

The JCC requires a 24-hour cancellation policy, but will grant parents a 15-minute grace period if they are late for their reserved time. Drop-in childcare is a service provided by the community center for parents who are using the facilities, so parents must remain on site while their child is in care. Your child may stay in care a minimum of one hour to three hours maximum.

Other Child Services at JCC Denver

The community center offers many more services for children of all ages. Check out more of our family-oriented activities at JCC Denver.

Family Engagement Programs

Through preschool and family planning services, the JCC is able to help growing families of all shapes and sizes. Take advantage of programs that promote a positive learning environment for your children. Both of these Family Engagement services feature an experienced team of educators that are ready to help parents and kids alike take on the new challenges of family life.

JCC Summer Camps

Our summer camps inspire kids of all ages to learn and grow. Each of the four camps includes specially curated programs geared towards explorers, performers, athletes, and brainiacs. Not only will your child make lifelong friendships, but they’ll be better equipped for a successful life journey.