Spreading cultural and religious diversity is important, especially in an area like Denver that is constantly seeing progressive growth, immigration, and an expanding population. One of the biggest gospels being preached in today’s mainstream platform for activism is well-rounded acceptance, and in the wake of this positive moment in our society, the Denver Jewish Film Festival serves its purpose of providing excellent, authentic viewing experiences for anyone who finds interest in partaking.

Your Jewish Film Festival Experience

Along with several different films with rich Jewish roots being shown, the DJFF (Denver Jewish Film Festival) has a lot of excitement to offer its attendees. Allow us to plant a seed of excitement that will grow and blossom in the next month before you get to enjoy the cultural fun that the DJFF offers.

The festival will take place on Presidents Day Weekend, but will also continue for a week before and after the main event. We have a packed schedule of incredible Jewish films we will be showing daily between February 5 – 19, 2020. Over two dozen short films, full features, and even a special surprise event during the main showcase weekend will be the main focus of this festival and event.

Enjoy our first-ever VR experience over President’s Day Weekend to fully immerse yourself in the world we are so proudly representing.

Champagne and hors d’oeuvres réception will be offered for VIP ticket holders on opening night of the festival.

Ticketing tiers are flexible, allowing you to bundle and get amazing savings, or cut back on costs in other ways like selecting only your individual feature films you’re interested in. Our goal is to make the Denver Jewish Film Festival accessible to everyone!

More About The Films

After combing through almost 1,500 reviews for dozens of films, our large volunteer staff chose over 30 of their favorites. Among these, you can experience true stories retold with compelling intrigue, focusing on historical figures like Anne Frank, Joseph Pulitzer, and King Bibi.

Each film, though firmly rooted in Jewish history and cultural, feature prominent characters and storylines that will draw interest from any walk of life. Shorter films will be showcased alongside some of our major title selections, including Fig Tree; Leona and The Spy Behind Home Plate. Action, adventure, coming-of-age, documentaries, and even romance can be discovered within our vast variety of options. The goal was to provide a little something for everyone to enjoy.

Eight of these films will be hosted over the weekend, with a majority of our best titles and activites falling on Sunday, the 16th.

The films are all family-friendly and suitable for all ages.

Getting Tickets

Through our online ticketing portal, you can make your choice on which tier you’d like to participate in. Festival passes are our most common ticketing choice among attendees, though we do offer big deals on large bundles of 30+ passes for church groups, schools, social clubs, and large families. The event is volunteer-based, which helps us keep festival costs low.