Hello! My name is Chris Kading and I am one the J’s Personal Trainers!

I have been blessed to be a part of the JCC family for over two years. Before coming to the J, I relocated to Denver after growing up with my four brothers and one sister in Northglenn, Colorado. I finished my Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology and Biology at the University of Colorado. I played soccer for 23 years and even ran cross county in college, but now I enjoy partaking in all of the typical Colorado activities such as hiking, camping, and playing golf. My personal training career actually started in physical therapy! I had worked as a PT aide at Denver Health Medical Center and The Colorado Physical Therapy Institute in Broomfield.

After seeing every injury under the sun, I took to personal training in order to help individuals not only accomplish their fitness and weight loss goals but to also help them improve how the move and feel while also addressing chronic pain. I am happy to say that I truly love my profession and being able to help people recapture their fitness and eliminating chronic pain that has really been a gift.



Chris Kading

I believe that fitness should not just be surface level. While losing weight and looking good in a bathing suit is great and all, I feel that the real progress is seen when you are able to wake up without pain, have more energy, being independently strong, and being able to do the things you never thought you could. Recapturing your health, wellness, and fitness can help you recapture the joy in life. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing others return to the lives they use to have before the extra pounds came on or the pain set in. With this philosophy, I have ambitions to one day open my own training studio that embraces these principle.

If my training philosophy resonates with you, do not hesitate to schedule a free assessment with me be emailing me at ckading@jccdenver.org and get started with a healthier future today!


You heard the man! Stop by and start off 2020 right with one of our fabulous personal trainers.