In a world full of video games, Youtube videos, iPads, and smartphones, it seems like the days of our outdoorsy summers are long over. Remember being enrolled in summer camps and sports camps during the hot, buggy months? Now, many children find themselves glued to an illuminated screen instead of getting scabbed knees and bug bites.

If you’re considering Denver Summer Camps in 2019, it’s time to start preparing for next summer by checking out the great benefits these camps offer and all the different kinds out there now to suit each kid. Make the summer of 2020 memorable, and not all thanks to a new video game!

Is Summer Camp Right For Your Child?

In the past, we all got carted off to cabins and tents and taught survival skills during June and July. Alright, so maybe that was just in the movies… but still, Summer camps have come a long way from what they were. Now, there is a massive variety of different kinds, from duration and activities to who all can participate.

Lowkey day camps, horse camps, sports camp, and other overnight options all exist for parents to choose from, creating plenty of options to suit any family. Discuss with your child about their interests or summer goals and plans, and find something that works with you both. Any kid can survive summer camp, but they’ll have the most fun in a camp special to them.

The Benefits Of Summer Camp

The top 3 benefits of summer camp, any kind of summer camp, make it a great option for families to consider and pretty tough to turn down. If these 3 benefits appeal to you, it’s time to look at enrollment offers for the upcoming summer!

Socialization & Friendship

Spending every day with the same people in your class gets old and boring. Summer camp is a great way to expand the horizon for new friendships and encourage socialization with those your child normally wouldn’t interact with. This could be kids of different ages, education levels, class, or even from different parts of your city. Either way, it’s a healthy experience.

Getting Active

Kids in 2019 have the tendency to be more of couch potatoes than their parents were back in the day. Thanks to technology, there are 100 different ways to be stimulated mentally, but few motivations to get up and move. Summer camp leaves no excuse for laziness and it encourages your kids to get and stay active by introducing physical games, sports, and activities to enjoy.

Educational Values

The best part of summer for kids? No school! The worst part for parents? No school… unless, of course, you’ve found a great summer camp to take care of that problem for you. Though it won’t be in traditional academic ways, summer camps encourage learning and keep the brain stimulated, continuing the education outside of the classroom during those sunny off-months.

Summer camp is a great way to get your child moving, socializing, and learning all through those off-months from school and gives you a break from their boredom.