Parenting, especially with kids 4 and under, is a very difficult job, but one that comes with a high reward. This essential age is important to the growth and mental development of your child, but it will also reflect on the bond the two of you create for years to come. As trying as they may be in the moment, the toddler years will soon turn out to be the period of your child’s life you miss the most.

Don’t let it fly by in a whirlwind of stress and anxiety, but instead take advantage of these gorgeous preschool years and make it matter. Make these memories, help shape their minds and personalities, and go out and explore Denver together as a dynamic team!

What Denver Offers You & Your Toddler

Many moms fall into the trap of staying within the comfort of their own home, and pass up many amazing opportunities to enjoy Denver with their family. Between nap time, snack time, and potty time… it may seem too difficult to pack up the diaper bag and head up, but these exciting activities for you and your toddler will encourage engagement and create memories forever.

Think of all the things to do in Denver with toddlers. Now, push those limits, and consider what else there could be. Having trouble? No worries. Here are 4 activities that are perfect for toddlers right here in Denver for you the two of you to enjoy together!

1. Yoga For Tots (And Mom!)

As a new mom, even a couple of years after birth, it can feel impossible to put in the “me time” required to getting back into shape and accepting the new you. Yoga is a relaxing, fun, healthy exercise and workout that can be done with your kids! Many classes are offered the help bring your toddler into the fun, while also taking some pressure off of you and letting you really throw your sore back into that downward dog.

2. Family Camps

There are tons of different ways to get the family out together, but summer family camps are one of the most enjoyable activities out there. From camping, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, sending the older kids off on the horses, and cuddling under the stars… what isn’t to desire?

3. Getting Artistic

Denver is a diverse city full of cultural and artistic influence. Activity centers all over the city offer art classes for kids of all ages, but toddler sessions can be the most fun. From finger painting to introductory activities for things like drawing, pottery, and more, your toddler can get started on the artistic streak. Plus, you’ll be getting more little gifts and crafts than you can find the space for up in the attic!

4. Play Ball!

The hyper nature of a toddler is impossible to match, so throw them into a toddler sports class or mini team. Letting them run around and tumble or kick a ball will tire them out for naptime, give you plenty of footage to treasure, and a small break where you’re not the one chasing them. Or, grab a ball and head to the park!