There’s a distinguished way about her—tall, blonde, and striking with a soothing tone as she sculpts her students into different poses on the reformer machine.

Her classes are a bank of knowledge and a reflection of her 19 years of experience (precedented by expert training), developing a full-fledged Pilates program in the heart of Denver. A former competitive swimmer, marathon runner and jewelry maker, she continues to invent herself by the tools of her many talents. At the J you may know her as our resident Pilates instructor. Now we are pleased to celebrate and introduce our new Pilates Coordinator: Erin Coyne Kammerzell.

In our beautiful state-of-the-art Pilates studio, mirrors and beds with towers of equipment attached at the head surround you in a clean and quiet environment. Though it may look intimidating at first, Erin’s expertise and calming energy helps you maneuver through her workouts with ease as they are specifically designed for each student’s needs. Certified as a Polestar and Stott Pilates instructor, Erin injects each class with the history of Pilates and a deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. To better understand her approach is to better understand her training. The Polestar and Stott method was developed by Brent Anderson and Moira Stott whose doctorate education in physical therapy and refined practice in traditional dance have become a nationally recognized organization, progressing the original teachings of Joseph Pilates. This along with 19 years of taking courses and instructing clearly emphasize her passion for Pilates. Starting as an instructor to additionally becoming our resident specialist and coordinator, she thoroughly enjoys her role at the J. Watching students leave after a session with Erin speaks volumes to the benefits of her classes. There was no hesitation when I caught one of our members, Vinnie Kanwal, on her way out of a Reformer Pilates class to share her experience:

“Erin is an amazing Pilates instructor. She is knowledgeable about Pilates and explains the body mechanics well…I always come out of the class feeling stronger, rejuvenated and relaxed. I definitely feel more toned and stronger in my core.”