On Thursday, November 8, the JCC Denver is proud to conduct the first-ever Annual Dinner and Celebration at the Grand Hyatt Hotel and we want to see YOU there!

Wait, hold the phone––this isn’t the first Annual Dinner. This has been a cherished event in our community for years!

And you’re right, dear friends. But this year, it’s a little different. This year…it’s a celebration of where we’ve been and where we’re headed. Our 2018 Annual Dinner and Celebration is the ultimate conceptualization of our new motto: “It’s a New Day at the J.” Where better to echo this effort than our re-envisioned Annual Dinner?


This year, we are thrilled to honor and celebrate the 34 transformational donors who funded the historical transaction that took place in June. These donors stepped up and led our community through this transitional time, and if that isn’t something to celebrate…we don’t know what is (Cheers to that extended cocktail hour, right?).

You might be asking yourself, “Why did they do it? Why now?” The answer is simple: these donors, above all else, love and believe in the J. They understand the positive impact that the JCC has on our Denver community, and for that reason alone, we are positively elated to celebrate their support and generosity.

At the dinner, all 34 benefactors will be honored throughout the night, including visual representation and highlights of the heart-felt reasons why they decided to step up at this pivotal moment in the J’s history. During the award ceremony, all 34 honorees will receive a Robert E. Loup Hineni Award Medal of Honor––a representation of their continued philanthropy and volunteerism in the Jewish community.

In addition to the Robert E. Loup Hineni Awards, the Gerald S. Gray Service and Leadership Award will be presented to our very special friend and colleague: Gary Wagner. Along with receiving the Hineni Award for his transformational giving, Gary will also be given this meaningful award for his exemplary service to this community, as well as the leadership he displayed during the transaction. His guidance and positivity were exactly what our community needed during this period of great change, and we are extremely thankful for his consistent dedication and perseverance. He gave and led from the heart, and his actions are the perfect example of his love for our JCC. Mr. Wagner is an exceptional person, who has been nothing short of remarkable during this period of change and challenge. His character and compassion shine through as he continues his Board service for our beloved organization. We are grateful for his kind heart and honorable spirit.

This has been a transformational year for our organization and it wouldn’t have been possible without these transformational people. In the words of CEO, Lara Knuettel, “Our donors have supported us through this transaction without expecting anything in return. They gave their generous gifts, not for themselves, but for our future. They gave for our families, our children, our grandchildren…for future generations and beyond. They gave to continue to advance the welcoming, inclusive, safe, warm atmosphere that is the J. And really…what more could any of us ask?”

We hope to see all of you at our 2018 Annual Dinner and Celebration on November 8 to commend our milestones, celebrate our successes, and honor and embrace the special individuals who have selflessly contributed to both.

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