Aviva Pearlman and Nosson Knobloch, along with their adorable little girls, Tova and Gila, are a beautiful, fun-filled family within the J community.

Having been a part of the J since 2011, these stellar parents have used JCC programs to flourish as a family, as well as to encourage their young daughters to take the world by storm. Read on to hear all about Aviva and Nosson!

How long have you and your family attended JCC programming?

Aviva & Nosson: We began attending JCC programming when Aviva was pregnant with our oldest daughter, Tova, in 2011. Tova later moved onto the outstanding infant room at the JCC’s daycare.

What programs do you and your family partake in at the J?

A&N: Our daughters both grew up in the ELS and moved onto Camp Shai’s summer and School’s Out programs. They both learned how to swim in the JCC indoor pool, and the whole family enjoys the outdoor pool in the summer.

Are you and your family originally from Colorado? If not, where are you from?

A&N: We moved here from Chicago in 2008 for Nosson’s one-year clerkship with Judge Ebel. We both had jobs waiting for us in Chicago for the following year, but fell in love with Colorado and decided to stay.

How has the JCC positively impacted your life?

A&N: The JCC’s Early Learning School partnered with us in helping to raise our children. The JCC helped instill in them a love of music, an affinity for sports, and strong interpersonal skills.

What fun things did you and the family do this summer?

A&N: We visited with family and friends back in the Midwest and got to spend some time snorkeling and scuba diving in Hawaii. Swim lessons at the JCC really paid off in Hawaii!

What is your family’s favorite thing to do in the fall time?

A&N: Fall is when we try to juggle the new school year, our work, and the Jewish holidays. We especially enjoy building a sukkah every year, despite our questionable carpentry skills.

Thank you so much, Aviva and Hosson, for taking the time to chat with us! We love getting to know our members and being able to see the positive, lasting effects the JCC has on our families.

Be sure to say “hi” to Aviva, Hosson, Tova, and Gila!