The Richards are no strangers to the JCC. In fact, the J has been a part of their family’s lives for generations.

Lyndsey and her husband, Monte, are both from old-Denver Jewish families and grew up taking part in JCC activities. Their twins, Goldie and Zev, have been enjoying their summers at Camp Shai for the last three years and they’ve loved every minute of it! Read on to learn about this beautiful, active J family.

How long have Goldie and Zev attended Camp Shai?

Lyndsey Richard: Goldie and Zev have attended Camp Shai for several weeks each summer ever since they graduated from the JCC preschool three years ago.

What Shai programs have they completed this summer? Which were their favorite?

LR: This summer Goldie and Zev have attended a couple weeks of “normal Camp Shai” (as we call it at our house), a week of Mad Science, and a couple weeks of the Shai Tennis camp. They’ve loved it all and come home exhausted every day, which Monte and I obviously appreciate! Of all of their summer activities, “normal Camp Shai” is definitely their favorite and where they feel most at home; there, they see old friends, swim and and enjoy all of the typical campy activities they love.

How did you learn about Camp Shai?

LR: Monte and I are both from old-Denver Jewish families and personally grew up doing JCC activities. We are grateful that the JCC has been a go-to resource for our family for generations.

The Richards

What makes your family want to return to Shai each year? What does Shai offer that other camps don’t?

LR: Our kids love the sense of community they feel at Camp Shai- they love seeing their buddies from preschool and past summers, as well as the counselors they’ve gotten to know in years past. The planned activities each day are thoughtful and super fun. The kids are always chatterboxes all evening about the happenings of their jam-packed days at Camp Shai. One of the things that Camp Shai provides our kids that we haven’t found anywhere else is an incentive-based system to inspire their sense of ethics and morals, good sportsmanship and concern for their community. We believe our kids are better, more thoughtful humans because of what the Camp Shai community has given them. Last summer Goldie was a “Mensch of the Week” and that is, as it should be, something she proudly recalls and strives to re-earn each new week.

Does your family partake in any other programs here at the J? If so, which ones?

LR: We enjoy the JCC pool in the summer, which we appreciate is never a “scene” and find to be the place in town to swim with the family. Goldie and Zev are excited to attend JCC Ranch Camp for the first time in a couple weeks, then our family will meet up at Ranch Camp for a fun weekend of Family Camp!

What’s your favorite activity to do as a family?

LR: We live a couple blocks from Wash Park and love relaxing together there, adventuring around town on our bikes, traveling, and playing chess.

We feel honored to be a part of this wonderful family’s life. Thank you for taking the time to share your love and appreciation for the J.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, Richard Family!