Jeffrey and Casey Hoffman are two of our favorite folks here at the JCC.

Jeff (better known as “Hoff”) has been a Graphic Designer in the J Marketing Department for eleven years (!!!), and Casey works in the Administration Department of an environmental engineering firm. Parents to both Landon (6) and Kenzie (2), this fabulous couple have been together for over 13 years and just celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary! We asked the Hoffmans to tell us all about their experience here at the J Denver.

How long have you been attending J programming?

Casey Hoffman: This will be our seventh year with the kids enrolled in J programs.

What programs have been the most beneficial to you and your family here at the J?

CH: Hands down the Early Learning School and Camp Shai. Both Kenzie and Landon attend(ed) the ELS, and Landon is currently enrolled in Camp Shai camps for the summer.

What’s your favorite thing about the J?

CH: We love how well our kids thrive at the ELS and Camp Shai. It’s very comforting to have the kids close to their dad while we are both working.


What’s your family’s favorite thing to do on the weekend?

CH: Landon plays football on Saturdays and Jeff plays softball on Sundays, so we are outside a lot, especially during the summer! Our favorite thing is to be together as a family.

Are you taking any trips this summer? If so, where?

CH: No big summer trips planned, but we are going to Hawaii in December.

We love the Hoffmans and appreciate all the work Hoff has done in our Marketing Department.

If you see him or his adorable kids in the hallway, be sure so say, “Go Eagles!”