Alex and Shayna both attended Camp Shai as children. They met at camp and several years later, they tied the knot.

As if this story couldn’t get any cuter, both Alex and Shayna are returning as Camp Shai counselors this summer! We know what you’re thinking, but no, this is not a fairytale–it’s real life and it’s happening here at our J. Alex and Shayna kindly agreed to sit down with us and share their camp experience and what they’re looking forward to this summer.

What summer will this be for you at Camp Shai?

Shayna: Fourth year.

Alex: Fourth year as a counselor, plus two years as a camper; however, we both attended multiple years (two for Shayna and four for Alex) at Ranch Camp. We also both had a few years in Wolf Theatre productions at the MACC.

Why do you like being a Unit Head/OTR Unit Head at Camp Shai?

SR: We love Camp Shai and everything that it does for the Jewish community. Neither of us are super religious, but it is one of our favorite Jewish connections. As we have matured and gained more experience, we wanted a chance to bring that new experience back to camp. For us, summer is about being outdoors and Camp Shai is a natural extension of that. It doesn’t feel like summer without Camp Shai!

What is a favorite memory at Camp Shai from year’s past?

SR: Morning circle. The silly songs and sense of community was something I will always remember and can’t wait to jump back in to.

AR: The connections that I made with other counselors and campers.

What does it mean to come back to Camp Shai?

SR: We are both really excited! Camp Shai is summer for us, so in some ways, it sort of feels like coming back home…it’s cheesy but true!

What are you looking the most forward to for this summer?

AR: A chance to meet new people and forge new bonds with counselors. Camp is a way to build community.

SR: Trying something new at camp. We have been to camp as campers and counselors and as a young couple, but to come in with more responsibility and as a married couple returning to our roots in a way is very exciting!

We are so lucky to have these two in our community and we hope you get a chance to meet them this summer!