Morgan is our brand new Massage Therapist at our Fitness & Wellness Center!

We are thrilled to have such a fun-loving, enthusiastic addition to our center. Read on to hear all about her strong background in Massage Therapy.

Where are you originally from?

Morgan Nolfe: I grew up in Mobile, Alabama. Growing up, I got to go on several family vacations to Colorado & my favorite one was when we came in the summertime. I love Colorado summers! I have lived here for six years now.

What made you want to be a Massage Therapist?

MN: I chose to become a Massage Therapist because I have always received healing benefits from massage therapy. I got massages regularly before deciding to become a therapist. I made the decision to go to massage school so I could help others on their own journey to wellness through massage therapy.

What is the benefit of receiving care from a Massage Therapist?

MN: The benefits of massage are numerous! Mental and physical benefits are what you get from massage therapy, whether your stressed out in your mind or you’ve got sore muscles, consistent massages can resolve most stresses, aches, and pains.

What is the benefit of having Massage Therapy here at the J?

MN: Massage is a great addition to the J’s Fitness and Wellness Center because it offers convenience for members and guests to accomplish all of their health goals at one place. Not only can you get an excellent workout, but you can also relax in the spa and get a full body massage as well. I am happy to work at a facility that offers such variety!

What is your favorite thing about working at the J so far?

MN: My favorite thing so far about working at the J is interacting with all the friendly and helpful staff and members. Everyone offers such genuine, warm, and welcoming attitudes; it is a treat to have the J as the place I get to do my job.

What’s something most people are surprised to learn about you?

MN: When I first moved out to Colorado I lived in Estes Park and worked in Rocky Mountain National Park.

So the next time you stop by our Fitness & Wellness Center, be sure to ask for Morgan. She’ll be more than willing to give you the care and attention you need to feel your best.

We’re so happy to have you on our team, Morgan!