“Though she be but little, she is fierce!”

It’s safe to say Mr. William Shakespeare had five-year-old Wolf Theatre camper, Audrey, in mind when he wrote this infamous line from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

A gifted young performer, 2017 was Audrey’s first year with the Wolf Theatre Academy’s summer camp program; however the MACC has always been near and dear to Audrey’s mother, Anna Duvall. Anna attended the summer drama camps for several summers as a child. She loved the camps so much growing up that she wanted her daughter to have the same experience. Anna went on to become a professional ballet dancer for the Colorado Ballet, where her acting skills (honed in the MACC’s Theatre Academy) were a great asset for her career as a dancer and performer.

Audrey Layla Duvall Cumberland

Following in her talented mother’s footsteps, Ms. Audrey was able to develop her own performance skills, particularly in the art of acting. When asked about her favorite part about being a Wolf Theatre Academy student, Audrey replied, “Acting and learning about ‘Pete the Cat’!”. Due to her involvement in the Wolf Theatre Academy, Audrey was able to knock off a few of her Summer 2017 Bucket List items, including overcoming stage fright. Her summer theatre classes helped her to gain the confidence to perform in front of an audience. Thanks to her developing acting skills, stage fright is becoming a thing of the past for Audrey.

As a part of her 2018 Bucket List, Audrey is looking forward to working with the “big kids” and learning more about singing and dancing (we know a triple threat when we see one)!

Audrey’s story shows us that no matter how young you may be, it’s never too early to dive into the glitz and glamor of theatrical performance. We have a strong feeling that you may see Audrey on a Broadway stage sometime in the near future, or maybe winning an Academy Award?

Keep shining, Audrey!