When you look up the word “summer” in the dictionary, we’re pretty sure it’s a picture of Max Raphaely!

Max is an outgoing, energetic first grader and a seasoned pro when it comes to Camp Shai. Having previously attended Shai Sports, Ekar Farms, and Shai Post Camp, Max is able to tell us the complete ins and outs of Shai. 2018 will be his third year with Camp Shai and we can most definitely sense his excitement as the weather starts to warm up. His sunny persona and heart-warming smile is sure to brighten anyone’s day here at the JCC.


In 2017, Max was able to knock off a few of his Summer Bucket List items by practicing baseball and partaking in scrimmages that helped him develop his athletic skills. By being able to experience and dabble in a variety of sports, Max was able to practice sportsmanship and learn how to best incorporate his abundance of fun-loving energy.

When asked what he liked about Shai Sports, Max said, “I really liked to get energy, running around a lot, and doing sports. I liked making new friends and loved having snack on the rocks. I also loved the news reporter game!

As Summer 2017 came to a close, Max was able to take on the new school year with a handful of news skills to share with his friends. Max’s Summer Bucket List items were able to increase his confidence and his ability to channel his admirable energy into his school work.


We can’t wait to see how Max is able to develop as an athlete and a camper during Summer 2018. We know with this vibrate personality, he’ll be able to take on any challenge with positivity and dedication. We know you’ll go far, Max!

The J is committed to bringing each child a fantastic summer experience that will increase their self-confidence, build new friendships, and encourage them to reach beyond their wildest imaginations.

Register for Summer 2018 today and cross the first item off your Summer Bucket List.